Waves Platform: Custom Tokens & Decentralized Exchange

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Ranked #21 on coinmarketcap.com
Price: $1.97 per coin
Circulating Supply: 100 million coins
24 Hour Daily Volume: $1.6 million
Market Cap: $196 million

From what I’ve read during my research, Waves Platform certainly seems to value mainstream adoption and aims to help cryptocurrency achieve this by:

* Providing a user-friendly interface

* Acting as a gateway for fiat currencies like USD, EURO, and Chinese Yuan.

* Waves a decentralized exchange called Dex that you can use to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum and other alt coins for tokens on the waves platform.

Of course the benefit of a decentralized exchange is that there are no centralized servers that are a target for hackers

* Create your own custom tokens, thus essentially launching your own cryptocurrency.

Think of it as a voucher to be redeemed by an interested party in exchange for a good or service that you will provide them. I think Waves has a chance to shift how the general public sees cryptocurrency.

Here’s a few examples of the wide variety of individuals and businesses who have used Waves Platform to issue their own tokens:


A company based in Australia that is helping companies in the Incent Network to provide their customers with loyalty rewards through their token on Waves Platform. This token can then be redemmed at any retailer also on the Incent Network, or it can be traded for other crypto or fiat currencies.


Is the first ever commodity-backed blockchain option for Synthetic Zirconium Dioxide Concentrate. Making this token far less susceptible to the volatility often found in cryptocurrencies.


This company uses their tokens to reward their users for their participation and loyalty.

Additional Reading/Sources:

Waves Website
Waves Projects
Forbes Article
BitcoinMagazine Article
Incent Website
ZRCoin Website
MobileGO Website

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I am sorry you downvoted my last post. I need to explain myself. The scam is about people trying to use slack to steal other peoples wallets. But I did not had the time to add the screen grabs. Can you please tell me what I did wrong? I have worked hard on the post. Thank you!


Hey, why did you downvote my post?

Yes agree Waves have potential , wise thinking to invest for future

wannabe ethereum!!!


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Thanks for the update!

This was one of the ICO's I participated in last year. I thought they had a great project. This post has been added to the Steemit Twitter queue.


Yes me to, but sold later on, starting back, at that time wallet didn't do much, now with leasing etc, looks promising.

@heiditravels - Thank you for this update on Wave tokens. It sounds interesting. I will definitely take a look. Currently the markets are down in dumps so perhaps I can pick up Wave coins cheap. Thanks. Upvoted and followed you.

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Great Post, very informative definitely. Will be looking forward to your next posts. Cheers

I have some incent as well as mobilego. the concept of loyalty rewards fit really well withint crypto concept.The only problem is not sure who is the winner,many competing technologies just as in early days of internet

Love to have a woman's perspective on cryptos! Great for you. Will be showing your videos to my daughters to show them it is not only for the big boys.
Thanks for your work and continued success to you!
Is there any network of women that might be teaching other women to get into cryptos that you know of?

Waves is a good platform, loving the DEX part of it, that is very interesting. Not sure about investing though, looks like the boat was missed on this one, that said no reason why it can't go higher but there is a lot of uncertainty in the market at the moment.

Waves has been marketing quite aggressively, especially with their signature campaign on bitcointalk, so it is no surprise that it is growing so fast.

Using Waves sounds to create your own cryptocurrency seems interesting and it might be a good investment for the long term. Thanks for sharing!

I looked into the waves decentralized exchanged. Got to be honest, didn't like the user interface. I do however know it's still a work in progress.

If waves had a better U/I it would easily be one of the top 5 coins.

Thanks for this post, I like waves platform. It has got good potential.

The part about creating your own cryptocurrency using Waves sounds interesting to say the least. Going to investigate this further. Thanks!

very informative video and thanks for the note!

I think Bancor is identical to this concept of decentralised exchange.

Wonderful post. Upvoted. Very interesting.

Thank you for this great information.

So many coins, its hard to choose. I like that you keep up with so many to help us decide which ones we should look into and possibly invest in. Thank you.

WAVES is a great project nice post

Nice post, you got my vote and follow and you can also follow me @stevearticlepro

i want to start work in waves platforme its realy exiting !!

Waves is an interesting project. They have done the requisite work on UX that is really needed in this space.

Really not sure how their network will compete with others that can do the same things. There is really not much novelty going on. Once the space becomes user friendly as a whole, I see no pull for Waves.


I agree, I think what gave Waves an edge in the beginning was that they addressed present issue instead of making promises for the future. Not exactly a long term outlook but it got people excited in the beginning.


They have their contribution haha.

Upvoted and also resteemed :]

Waves token would be a potentially good investment. It's been all over the news for sometime and it's collaboration with Deloitte. I think this platform will be huge as it is now dealing with an accounting and auditing gain. Because of Decentralized network, it's chances of growth will be huge and it can even come at par with Ethereum. Waves pricing are increasing rapidly as people are realizing it's potential.
I am buying some of steem and waves today. I wish all the luck to those who're doing the same.
Nice article though @heiditravels

A very good post very good achievement greetings from me @abupasi.alachy

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I am envious of you, i would have wanted to be like you but i didn't how to start. Though i might need a guide and mentor.
please contact me on twitter @jawadms

Great tip ill def look into waves!!

Thanks for posting - I have considered Waves much forgot about them. Wagerr is also using Waves along with the other you mentioned. There is certainly lots of potential there. It is hard to keep abreast when there are so many coins. Really appreciate spotting your post.
Saw your video with Jeff of TDV - love that you are travelling. I took a sabbatical some years ago and explored 2 continents - experience of a lifetime. Keep on Steem travelling. :)
Upvoted and followed.