DECENT DCT - The next one to break out hugely?!

5년 전

After we saw a crazy breakout of a new coin called EOS for more than 300% today, I was looking for similar coins to that.

I came across DECENT. It is actually a very interesting project, trying to stop middlemans getting fees when sharing data. (If I understood correctly :) )

Now to the interesting part, the price:


It was at around 4 to 10 dollars for the last few days and actually had a peak at $37!
It crashed today down for currently 83%. All the way down from $9 to $1.30.

There is the entry point I see.

It might be a very risky one, as there is no Market Cap, nor a Circulating Supply given on, but if it goes back up, there is a massive profit potential.

As usual good luck trading and investing!

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Try Vertcoin

  ·  5년 전

not a bad idea! thanks for that

Coinmarketcap shows 73,290,000 amount of coins. Seems as if bittrex has about 56million or so on its exchange. The coin is going up and down very fast right now. I have bought in, given its a platform like steem, also seems on their site it is used alot in china too. As well as Decent coin teaming up with a porn company, i think it should go up. Hopefully :) not much talk on the internet about DCT so i bought it, assuming it should spread around the internet soon.

Very interesting. Just bought some of these coins.