CoEval & Monkey Capital - Should you have a go & invest?

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CoEval & Monkey Capital - Should you have a go & invest?

It's quite loud around CoEval (COE) and ICO right now.

Both are connected - COE was distributed during presale, at low supply, right now only 65,000 COE tokens exist - rest was burned.

How is it connected to Monkey Capital ICO? It's a rather simple. It works in a similiar way as Masternodes in SYNX (owning a mastenode will give you extra SYNX coins). But COE is superboosted. Owning 1 COE will give you EXTRA 10.000 tokens during current Monkey Capital ICO. Owning 10 COE's will give you 100.000 coins. And more coins from further ICO's. See their white & yellow paper.

So COE is a " cornucopia" of all ICO's, sort of "perpetuum mobile". It will give a hefty supply of tokens just by sitting in owner's wallet.

But - it's price right now is a pure speculation - and it will depend on amount of MNY sold during Monkey Capital ICO  - see here

To keep it's current value - they will have to raise $50.000.000 USD - it's rather a lot for an ICO which is slightly "under radar". Explanation below.

As you already probably noticed, Monkey Capital is a bit of "pyramid scheme", which favors top tier - and it's COE token. COE token was sold during pre sale, and it's value was ~0.02BTC. I would raise a question, who is holding most of  COE tokens? You will never know. Developers? Random investors?

Now - NOT owning COE and buying MNY tokens during current Monkey Capital ICO will only make you FEED top tier with COE holders. Naturally MNY tokens will still have it's own value. Which will be a fraction of COE. 

Is there a point of buying MNY during ICO? Well - not really. You will feed "big boys" on top. Real value is in COE.

Question is - how Monkey Capital wants to raise milions during ICO? Big investors? Why they should invest in MNY when value is in COE? Who will buy MNY then? Well... not me.


CoEval & Monkey Capital - Should you have a go & invest? Right now, answer is - NO - unless you have a really deep pocket and can afford risk buying COE's at it's current price 0.5BTC. If MNY sales will be low, COE price will plummet. This train already left, when offering start price for COE was 0.02BTC.

There are few more factors, which gives some strange mixed signals about Monkey Capital.

If you want to invest in Monkey Capital - research, read, follow the news and be careful

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interesting choice. No status network SNT?


I like SNT actually, however, from a valuation standpoint, it has 6.8billion Total which would put it's fully diluted market cap around $500million. Long term, that is probably still cheap. I expect it could double or triple from here. But I am more focused on the value investing for coins with 10x or more potential at this point. Thank you.


I hope you are fully aware, that youre making same mistake as I did writing this artictle... :)
Good luck :)