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Unless you’ve been living under the rocks, you would’ve purchased a product online as well heard about cryptocurrency and blockchain’s underlying applications. For the past few years, e-commerce has greatly changed and advance the way people shop and sell products. With e-commerce, thousands of online shops are available for people to browse and purchase their desire products without the barrier of location and working hours. 

On the other hand, the blockchain and the cryptocurrency sector has been termed by many as a speculative trading market. However, the blockchain technology has been proved to possess many great potentials that is capable of evolving the operational model of virtually every industries and sectors. So far, the use of cryptocurrencies has been limited, it has not been accepted as a viable currency for exchanging goods and services as most of its enthusiast only use it for trading on exchanges.

Only few retailer and cryptocurrency based e-commerce platforms has tried providing a viable means to enable cryptocurrency users to purchase goods with their crypto coins without going through rigorous effort and exorbitant fee of converting to fiat money. However, none of these platforms has been able to proffer any viable solution that will enable user spend their cryptocurrencies.

Also, the e-commerce sector as a whole has been plagued with the problem of not having a borderless payment system that will allow any user from any part of the world makes purchases without being affected by regulations, and as such the only form of currency that can be used by anyone across the entire world is cryptocurrency. This is precisely the reason for the emergence of the AIGO E-COMMERCE PAYMENT PLATFORM, to provide the entire crypto community with a gateway to use their cryptocurrency thus creating more utility and adoption to the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector.

AIGO emerges with the vision of providing a unique and everlasting solution by implementing all the latest innovative technological advancement into e-commerce sector. AIGO will create an ecosystem of a new generation e-commerce and commercial platform by leveraging the various potentials of the blockchain technology without compromising the existing concept of e-commerce as well as existing operational model behind e-commerce. 

It will leverage the secure nature of the blockchain technology to improve the entire security of e-commerce stored data by using a strong data encryption and decentralizations modules.

AIGO ecosystem will create a secure and easy to use cryptocurrency based payment system to pioneer a high efficient future for both the e-commerce, blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency sector. It will bring about a sustainable growth in the various sectors by improving the current operational model of the e-commerce and payment system taking into account the current setbacks affecting e-commerce and cryptocurrency sector. 

The platform will adopt advanced technology to provide a secure payment gateway and simplifying its whole ecosystem to bring about an intuitive user experience. AIGO is among the very first platform which emerge to be the ground floor of technological revolution positioned perfectly to bring about an increased utility and adoption of the e-commerce and cryptocurrency sector.


1. A – Chain

AIGO will be developing its own high end efficiency blockchain in order to design a scalable top notch architecture for e-commerce implementations as the AIGO ecosystem is far more than just creating a secure payment system. The AIGO blockchain which will be known as A-chain will consist of many smartcontract technology as well as other high efficient innovative blockchain underlying technology that will bring about trust, automation and elimination of many operational model of the available centralized e-commerce platforms. AIGO ecosystem is currently being implemented on the secure ethereum blockchain.  

2. A - Store

AIGO will create a decentralized e-commerce store that will be equipped with artificial intelligence to bring about an intuitive user experience, these advancements will allow customers find their desired product giving them many alternative options to buy from the seller with lowest price. The store will be highly secured to eliminate cyber-attacks which will prevent data theft.

3. A – Wallet

AIGO ecosystem is incorporated with a secure cryptocurrency wallet which will serve as the user’s dashboard to perform crypto assets transaction. The wallet will be designed with the needed security parameters to ensure the perfect safety of the users funds. The wallet will serve as tool that will be used to manage the user’s transaction taking place on the platform

4. A – Card

AIGO will be creating a cryptocurrency card to the entire cryptocurrency community that can be used to withdraw fiat currency from any ATM machine. This will help simplify the rigorous processes involved in converting cryptocurrency to fiat money as well help reduce conversion fee to the barest minimum. The A-card can be used to pay for bills through point of sale machines as well as other gateways that utilize cards for payment of bills.


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