Ignition Coin's Bounty Programs - Phase II

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Ignition Coin's Bounty Programs - Phase II

In December we embarked on a shared journey to experiment with Store of Value properties. We have come so far in such a short time, from listing to major global exchanges, to integration on multiple innovative platforms accross the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem, from mining pools, to master node shares, every edge of the ecosystem has already begun reaching out to us, and we appreciate every bit of support we have received.

Today marks the beginning of Phase II of the Ignition Coin Bounty Program, of a three part plan during the course of the year of what we hope is a fair, earnest system of incentives that bring long-term value to our network.


Ignition is a community ran project and as such incentives have been created to reward those who help build the ignition ecosystem, which in turn brings in new value to the network.


Image Submission — This program is designed to work very simply. You can submit any image or video you would like related to IC / Ignition, on a special channel in our Discord server, called #graphics-and-video-submissions. If any image is used in an official medium, such as advertisements, promos, official social media, etc., then you will earn a onetime reward per image of $50 in IC, however, any user that is not a team member, is free to modify or use the image to promote Ignition Coin, for free, with no limitations.

To Participate simply post your submission in the designated Discord Channel and place your IC address beneath it. You will be notified if the team uses your image.

Youtube Tutorials — Post a fully voiced and accurate tutorial on YouTube, and receive $5 in IC for the video, and an additional $5 every 500 views until 10,000 views! Videos that are tutorials, and not marketing material or promotions, will still be considered for the image & video submissions.

Bug Fixes — Fix any non-major bug for $50 in IC and fix any serious (major exploit or something that could cause an exchange to de-list) will get $5000 in IC. Contact a developer if you have any questions.

Website, White Paper, ANN Post Translations — Each Language needs a translation, each translated will receive $10 per page / language. Contact Mrfixit in Discord to determine if the page or language is available for translation still.

Twitter Influencer — If you have over 10,000 real followers, you may qualify to become a Twitter Influencer, where you can earn between $1–50 in IC per RT or tagged post based on several metrics — Your approval of becoming a paid influencer and rates negotiated is determined prior with Mrfixit in Discord.

Community Member of the Month — Each month the team selects one user based on an infinite number of factors that contribute to our community to become the community member of the month. This is not a one-time award, and can be earned several times, for those who continuously excel at community building activities.

Discord Level Up — If you rank up to Cryptonaut status, you will receive $10 in Ignition Coins. Private message Mrfixit or Technium to claim this reward. Cryptonaut status is earned via activity in the Discord chat.

Ecosystem Development — Own a cryptocurrency ecosystem service or planning on creating an integration to Ignition Coin, such as in your store, your coin rankings site, mining pool, block explorer, etc.? Earn up to $250 in bounties after 1 month of the final ecosystem product being open to the public. Contact MrFixit or Technium in Discord if you have questions or to negotiate a fixed bounty reward.

Wiki Submission Bounty — Have some useful information you think should be on the Wiki, or just want to fill in some gaps? Submit Wiki Entries via Discord, and you can earn $5 in IC. For the submission to qualify, it must be new and relevant information that the wiki does not already contain. For larger than average entries, you can discuss a larger bounty with MrFixit in Discord.

Global Ambassador Bounty — If you are native to a country that does not speak English as the primary language and are a member rank or higher in Discord, you may qualify to become an Ambassador. This means you will become a moderator for the language-specific channel native to you, as well as set up an Unofficial Ignition Coin Twitter/Social Media account for the region and manage it. This bounty will pay $25 in IC for every month you remain active and dedicated as an ambassador.

Discord Rankings, Levels and Faucet — In addition to the bounties above, there is also an expansive, fair, 3-tiered ranking system surrounding our Discord Chat channel, Member, Cryptonaut and Platinum. Our discord has a tipbot with a faucet like feature activated on moderator’s command, and the higher rank you are, the more often and greater amount of faucet coins you will receive while active in Discord.

Signature Bounty — Post a link to your bitcointalk account profile that has an Ignition Coin banner in it, the 10 highest ranked accounts (that have no spam activity) with the most “activity” on BitcoinTalk, will on the first of each month receive 1IC during the bounty phase. Making a spam post in the Ignition Coin ANN will immediately disqualify you, as spam damages our bitcointalk reputation.

Official Signature Banner for re-use:

We thank the community for their continued support and hope to grow together developing a powerful and robust cryptocurrency designed to store value and so much more.

Visit Ignition Coin’s Website at https://IgnitionCoin.org to learn more.

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