Ignition Coin Video Submissions for this Weekend's Contest!

3년 전

Ignition Coin's User Submitted Videos

Video Submission by BitSavage

Ignition Coin Intro's by Baszeb

Details Overview for $IC by Baszeb

How-To Maximize Staking Weight by Satoshi Nakafomo (on Twitter) https://twitter.com/dfs_bets/status/957307366218895360

Ignition Coin Details by kakorj https://viuly.io/video/ignition-public-coin-113392

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dfs_bets Community Stakepool tweeted @ 27 Jan 2018 - 17:40 UTC

@ignition_coin Quick "how to video" for stakers having issues with slow stakes. Step by step fix. https://t.co/bL4tR8gKoY

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