Chance To Win $100K If You Accept John McAfee’s Challenge.

2년 전

John McAfee, the Crypto-crusader and cyber security expert challenged anyone to hack his BitFi cryptocurrency hardware wallet. He is offering $100,000 bounty not only one person who hacks it, but to everyone who can hack it. McAfee trust that the wallet is unhackable and challenge everyone to prove him wrong.

He gives this challenge on his twitter account where he said.

As BitFi explain the rules on their website that if you want to participate then you have to purchase a BitFi wallet which is preloaded with additional $50 worth of coins. If you successfully open the wallet and extract the coins and leaving nothing inside the wallet will be rewarded with $100,000 dollars.

About BitFi Wallet

The BitFi explains on its website that their wallet is different, and it is much more advance and secure if compare with other hardware wallets. The wallet does not store the private keys. In this wallet, your private key is calculated by using an algorithm every time the user types secret phrase.

The wallet cost is only $120 and its support all currencies and assets in one device under a single secret phrase.

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@steemcleaners the source link post is totally different from my post... please take a look closely and upvote on my post.... Thanks

Let me try! I'll hack it!


Good Luck buddy..... let me know if successful.

Spun article is just another form of plagiarism.



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Maybe I can hack this

I fucking love this guy. I am going to be sorry if he has to eat his shoe or penis or what ever he was saying he would eat if bitcoing did no go over $100,000 this year.

There's serious trust behind his product, not wonder!

Great to read this, thank you so much for sharing.

Namaste :)


@eric-boucher and because of this trust he is challenging everyone....


John McAfee always knows what's he's doing. He might be crypto enthusiast, but in the first place, he's businessman.

These $100k he might not actually need to payout (if no successful hack occur) is the cheapest advertising and unlike "regular advertising", it also creates trust.

Lol I would love to accept the challenge hehehehe 😁

Lol I would love to accept the challenge hehehehe 😁


Woops seems like you did a spam mistake with 3 of the same comments.


lol i don't do spam


Any particular reason why you are flagging my comment @bitbrosv ?


Yes you made 3 of the same comment and therefore I consider it as spam.


So… you consider my comments on someone else posts (not yours) spam ? Did you ever consider asking those people if they share the same idea ? I suppose not as it is by far more easy to act like a wannebe do-gooder than to try to understand/read why I post these comments…
Anyway, you do what you want, it’s a free world… I’m just curious to see how long you will stay here when you will flag the wrong people… Because, honesly, flagging accounts like @steemitboard @minnowsupport @arcange @cheetah and many others, that are wellknown and appreciated accounts, just make you look stupid… (yes, the blockchain is transparent and all your actions are easily tracked)
I can understand you’re new here, but first try to understand how things work before starting to flag and or vote on accounts you don’t know…
I wish you lots of succes but maybe you should change your name in Don Quixote 😊


Yes if I see someone writing:
In 3 diffrent posts Ill consider it as spam weather if its on my blog or someone elses.
When it comes the @steemitboard and the rest Ill have to admit that I dont really get it. Why anyone would approciate bot comments. But Im sure that you have alot more experience and can explain why me or someone else should appriciate that kind of posts. Anyway I appriciate that you bring this discussion to me. Even tough I didnt really understand the name change ?😄

Your post is always good...........You will continue to have such a good post
steemit is a platform where everyone works together and achieves success

Lol I would love to accept the challenge hehehehe 😁

Lol I would love to accept the challenge hehehehe 😁

Good to see one more wallet where we already have so many wallets already in the market , I will try to use this wallet in near future , thank you for this update ,

Upvote my comments and reply


@online87700 you should try before the completion of challenge may be you win the prize

This is a real contest
....... But I don't have 120$ 😅😅😅
An awesome way to sell your product also. 😂😂😂

My favorite part of this article? All of it!


@saragarmee Thanks or liking my post... keep supporting me.


You're very welcome! I hope you'll check out my latest post too!


Ohhhhh yeahhhh.

@imran.kkhan1 Nothing is impossible dear,well it's a good promotion for the product as well .
It's a good sign also for cryptologists ,that big whale's feel the intensity of crypto world

@imran.kkhan1 Though I am not a hacker,but I do believe that someone can definitely hack his wallet.Lets see what happens after this news.𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐝𝐨 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐬𝐚𝐲?


@rohit786 Yeah Bro.... only time will tell that what will happen with this wallet...

@ imran.kkhan1 its really a tough Challenge. But nothing is impossible !!


@g7technology there will be someone who accept the challenge... Just wait and watch.

In this wallet, your private key is calculated by using an algorithm every time the user types secret phrase.

i would think linguistically that a phrase generator could narrow down the possibilities of a secrete phrase which would have to be based on idioms or common phrases that I would assume be from the English language.
for 100k how hard could it be?
Please give 20 percent of earnings if this works out, thanks!


@rjliter not only 20 percent... you can get 100 percent if you try may be you get successful to hack the wallet :)

i think it is a hacker

PM Modi to open 650 branches of India Post Payments Bank soon image

$100,000 pushing me to try

I totaly disagree with this guy, it will not couple of guys hours to hack bit fi wallet, let us all keep our fingers cross. He will still come to this platform to give reasons why it was hack. Thumps up, sucess.

Imma go about hacking his mind first then go hack the wallet.
This sounds a great plan or so I think?


@erwinboyones be care full if you are going to hack his mind may be when you hacked you find it empty :) :) :)


But I doubt that it will be empty @imran.kkhan1
With the type of person of John McAfee’s caliber.

Sounds interesting, I havent considered a physical wallet until that article!

Don't be surprise if he's been paid millions of dollars for this promotion.

As for the hacking, i don't think there's any wallet which can't be hacked. Just give it time.

Nice post by the way.


@brainboss hopefully someone will hack the wallet but don't know when... Just wait and watch

Technology has its own creativity ,this wallet gonna be a revolution kind

By God, I can not believe that amount of money they offer for this challenge, this information pleased me. thanks friend and greetings.

John McAfee working great and try to save cryptocurrency.

Sounds promising. I'd love to have all my coins in one wallet under a secret pass phrase. But part of me doesn't like to have all my eggs in one basket.

$120 seems steep to me.


@mericanhomestead you can buy one and keep some of your eggs (coins) in the basket (wallet) if you find the wallet security is much stronger, advance and unhackable then you can transfer all your coins there...

My Russian friends will definitely surprise you. Believe me

I'mma hack it


@the3metrewrap plz share the profit if successful :)

That man is going broke.

its really true

  ·  2년 전

Good promotion for this product

It is like a 2FA for private keys
he inverted the system
good ol' mac a fee for 120$


yeah i think you are right
its like a private ley

i think only John McAfee gets $100000 to sell his wallets as well

Upvoted and Resteemed.

These claims have started to become gimmick. What do you think?


@jpsarma only one thing was behind this challenge... Marketing

hi .john mcafee is very clever business man.he inspire the hackers as well as the other users to buy is product by only just a tweet...............i think its really nice to think that only jhon mcafee benefits 100000 dollars..........what you think?

This man is crazy. Im sure he'll get a second penis implanted if he sees himself loosing the bet he made. Of course he could also just not do a thing and not care about blowback since he'll be just as rich as before.

John McAfee is a genius.
He knows how to promote a product.
I'm sure it will be very interesting.

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