Satoshi Never Used the Word "Decentralized" In the Bitcoin Whitepaper, He used "Peer To Peer"...

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Peer to peer more accurately describes almost all cryptocurrencies today, they are not decentralized. They are centralized in their nature because...


Bitcoin and almost all other POW coins are owned by China because control will go to the countries with the lowest cost of electricity, assuming they have the resources to build mining farms. If China wanted they could do a 51% attack on bitcoin in a heartbeat.


POS Coins like Steem are owned by the founders, the account @steemit has enough vests to beat the top witness with a single vote, so basically if the account was hacked or taken over assuming @steem recovery account was also taken, they could vote in 20 new witnesses and do a hardfork overnight.

The same goes for almost all other POS coins today.

Moving on...

The marketers and pumpers of these coins need to stop using the word decentralized when it's truly not decentralized, and highly centralized. This kind of BS marketing is what takes trust away from people who are getting into crypto and also mass adoption.


Account based voting, where the actual block producers or witnesses are voted in by verified accounts. This would prevent a POS coin from being commandeered overnight. And if you don't think it could happen then look up murphey's law haha.

I realize the technology isn't available yet for account based blockproducers because the way it's setup now an attacker could just make a bunch of fake accounts, but it's coming eventually. Until then I think we should stop calling these coins "decentralized," which they clearly aren't and start calling them peer to peer networks or peer to peer coins like Satoshi did in the original bitcoin whitepaper.

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Totally agree with you!

fantastic post @inventor16 😜😜😜😜


Who said it was decentralised hahah
tenor (2).gif

what is decentralize mean? hahaha


What is Satoshi?@ inventor16


Creator of bitcoin, an anonymous person



You make some valid points it really is all about marketing...

Your words were a revelation to me.

What future awaits the world of cryptocurrencies, in your opinion?


I have no idea. If I was good at predicting the future, I'd be a millionaire by now lol.

nothing is decentralized...


Agreed. Although account based blockchains will be a lot closer to decentralized than we have now.

This kind of BS marketing is what takes trust away from people who are getting into crypto and also mass adoption.

you couldn't be more correct and if i can add for steemit we also got a trending page full of fake and misleading payouts! People aren't stupid especially now that they can click the word decentralized and read from 100 sources! we need to speak the truth to them if we want adoption!


Correct, people aren't dumb and they don't like to be fooled.

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