Is Crypto Going Lower?

2년 전

After such major selling, is the crypto market going lower?
I look at the next target.

Bitcoin Depot, the USA's largest ATM network is now in 15 states with 125 Machines. This is great for the growth of cryptocurrency adoption.

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  ·  2년 전

Nah, it's not going anywhere. Just have to be patient :d

The market is going lower, what are we going to do...
Buy more! Easy!

These days, the word “bubble” has become just as big of a buzzword as “blockchain” or “artificial intelligence”. As cryptocurrency investors, we hear this term used almost every day, but many of us are actually too young to have experienced our bank accounts zeroing as a result of a bubble popping.

When I first got into crypto, I had to grit my teeth and hold with steady hands as the value of my assets fluctuated up and down, staying in the red for months at a time. But over the past few months, cryptocurrency investors have had a different narrative.

Everyone has been trying to predict the next coin that will provide 10x returns, but if you missed that boat your consolation was still at minimum a 2x or 3x profit. This is the exact reason everyone has been so apt to pour in money — it feels like a low-risk, high-reward investment. Over the past few months, as long as you avoided the coins that had just pumped up 300+% in the last 24 hours, you essentially couldn’t lose.

Now ask yourself, what happens when the crypto market slows down on this nonstop upward trajectory? Will people be so quick to put a second mortgage on their house when the risk of losing all that money actually becomes a reality? Will investors continue to throw money into cryptocurrency “hedge funds” after they get crushed and realize that their 1000% return rate was merely a product of the previous bull market?

Many experts predict that while a few coins will prevail and their valuations will go to the moon, the vast majority of coins will watch their price plummet to zero. Now that prediction may urge investors to enter positions in top 100 or top 25 market cap coins, but does their current market standing really indicate whether they are here to stay?

How does Litecoin maintain its value proposition when other coins offer faster transactions and lower fees? What’s the need for Ethereum when Bitcoin finally makes a core update offering smart contracts… or when another coin makes it easier to create apps using widely-known languages like python instead of Ethereum’s native language solidity?

When this bull run finally comes to a halt, and valuations become more about value and less about hype, these are the questions we will need to be asking ourselves in order to have any chance of succeeding in the cryptocurrency market.


This is the best. Also 90% of the hype was created by people who didnt know what they were hyping. I’ve literally had people ask what a bitcoin looks like.
The words ‘distributed ledger system’ far from the mouths of most. Thats whats important here. The value lies in the ledger and one other important factor. Scalability. Which cryptocurrency will be the one to scale properly. The race is about the best tech. When we start seeing who those are this market is going to be very different I think.


Well said person.

well its a biggest and good news after ALOT btc sold my MT. Gox and really i always find the positive news in your blog so this is a big prove of crypto authenticity to all them who expect the crypto end is near
Also this will be more easiest ways to reach and pick crypto and will make the strong believe of crypto to every persons who are still confuse and sure this will be installed out of USA soon
keep it up your good job and always give to all good and positive news

So in answer to that question:This is major for cryptocurrency adoption.But i still believe we are in very early stages .Actually i feel like we are privileged because judging from what i see 95% of people are unaware of cryptos.The following years we might see ups and downs but can anyone tell me for sure that BTC won't reach 500K? because i believe it will be a wealth metric such as gold

PS. Back in 2009-2010 were BTC have a few dollars did anyone believe it will reach 20K???Patience....cryptos are the future


I hope steem responds like Bitcoin did in its early stages.
That'd be cool

Crypto is certainly going lower, however we don't need to free expectation in crypto, crypto will bob back and sparkle in unimportant future, similar to it indicated us in December 2017 that is the sort of market wr me require, and recall putting resources into crypto is a long haul speculation, you simply need to pause and watch the crypto development and fall.

yeah crypto is definitely going lower, but we don't have to loose hope in crypto, crypto will bounce back and shine in mere future, like it showed us in December 2017 that's the kind of market wr me need, and remember investing in crypto is a long term investment, you just have to wait and watch the crypto growth and fall, and when crypto is at its peak be the one to withdraw money...

I think there's not enough people yet who know about crypto. With each passing day more and more people will enter the crypto world and bring a lot of money with them. Mass adoption of crypto is the key which will take crypto to higher levels

"Is Crypto Going Lower?"- Yeah that's correct.
We all were happy last crypto price up time. But again down market seems. Keep hold best idea to manage our crypto loss. Don't keep any doubts crypto market unpredictable. So price increase further. But I can't guess when will rise it.


the overall economy are size of the economy for crypto currency is growing. It’s expanding, it’s getting bigger; the pie is getting bigger. So not only is the money that is coming into the crypto currency market increasing the number of crypt occurrences that are being invented and coming out are increasing as well. So right now, if you think about should I buy and sell in the short term or should I hold for the long-term, my recommendation and my idea is now to start buying and holding in the long-term because I don’t have immediate bills that I need to pay and I can afford to just sit on that crypto currency for as long as I need to and watch it go up.


crypto is for hodler not for panice seller it is down still no need to panic just hope for the best soon we will see better and hope it will go up as compared to last years thanks for sharing information @investing

Last time Bitcoin lost its dominance and slipped below 50% was last year or early this year that Ethereum got lots of bull run and if I remember correctly its market cap became half of Bitcoin....So everyone was talking whether Ethereum replaces bitcoin but it didn't take so long that Bitcoin skyrocketed and went above 50% again.

I believe we have a same scanario here for Bitcoin & Ethereum after this Ripple hype...Bitcoin and ETH now are volcanic eruptions in the making!

The only one I regret is buying Numenaire at the top. 1 coin at full price, that is worth maybe 15% of what I paid for it now. Shrug. The rest, i am fine with the up and down swings as I think there's a long term future for a lot of them.

I also have a mining rig that was bringing in almost $30 a day a few weeks ago (down to $15 a day now) plus have solar panels on the roof covering 100% of the electricity cost, so even though things are really poor at the moment, I'm just going to keep slowly accumulating crypto (with my largest stake in Steem, actually) and hodl until things turn around.

@investing. Yep We all see only 01 day crypto up. After major selling downtrend again. But in fact, no need to worry about that. I know you hodl long term. Just hodl better decision to take for future brightness.

Well, if bitcoin decides to test the 6000 Mark once again, I think that's not gonna be a problem anymore. This would probably be the 3rd time in would be testing that in few months and we have probably gotten used to it knowing that it will always bounce right back up.


Well, this is good news I must say, as it shows the public acceptance of crypto. Tue extension to these 15 states would help ease bitcoin transactions and also help more people get aware of the crypto space.

how many type of these ATM mean where from handle and how will work price like centelized exchanges(every exchange has its own price of every crypto currency) from some persons who install these ATM or direct like btc blogckhain connor,, whats you think? and when will we see the ATM of whole crypto currencies?

Just keep holding them . They will go high in no time .

Crypto advertise down since most recent 16 hours. Persistence is an ace key at this point. Assist digital currencies will be extraordinary. Be that as it may, we have to hold up until long ascent up. It will be after some period. Better Dtube video discussion @investing.

I hope it takes another bit of a drop! I get paid on Thursday and will have the funds then to pick up more bitcoin and ether! I thought I was getting a deal when I was able to pick up Ether at $193 and BTC at $2289


all of crypto currency is 100 billion. This is all the data because we just looked and it is actually about 300 billion. This should be more towards Amazon now, pretty staggering right. And this is growing and growing and growing and growing. So all of the money in the world is about 83 trillion. In the stock market, about 66 trillion. Physical money, $31 trillion. Gold, $8 trillion and so on. This is shifting. This one is shifting from the stock market, from physical money, from gold, from US dollars, from stocks in these companies, it is shifting to crypto currency and you see that every single day expanding. It is growing and growing and growing.
In another year this bucket is going to be somewhere up here. I don’t know how big it is going to be, it’s going to be somewhere up here. And that is a testament that the markets are growing, that alt coins are expanding, that the money being put into all these coins are expanding. Day-to-day fluctuations truly don’t matter at all, unless you’re trying to make a quick buck. Keep that in mind when investing. It’s very very very important and it’s a very important concept that you understand if you want to make a lot of money long-term in crypto currencies.

The cost of cryptographic forms of money over the sum total of what markets has been dropping in esteem significantly finished the previous 48 hours. BTC/USD markets began tumbling on March 5, after the cost achieved a high of $11,650 amid the night exchanging sessions. Following the pinnacle, the esteem dropped to $10,600 on March 6 losing $1,000 in esteem. Further, the following day on March 7 after the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) cautioned about unlawful exchanging stages, BTC/USD esteems slid by and by losing another 20 percent.

Notwithstanding when they restricted Cryptocurrency in some nation, does not mean it can bring down the cost vigorously. Despite the fact that it can influence the cost when they prohibited it at the same time, they can't prevent it from developing.

Who knows? Possibly this is the year small can see another blossoming cost on every single computerized resource. Last 2017 was a considerable measure of amazements and news that influence the cost.

A considerable measure of crypto lover guessing that this time would be the year for ALTS

Give us a chance to seek after the best for all digital currencies

Very helpful post...this is really amazing video vlog....I see this video.....I really love this video....thanks for shareing this video....☺☺

It is going lower for now but I think it's just the start. And if we look at the past records April has been a low month for crypto. We'll probably see the rise in this or after this month.

crypto is not having the great time
you never know what will be the future of crypto
its uncertain nature is on a different level
so many ups and downs
after every fall it has again rised more strongly!

i think people have too many expectations on crypto that is why they want higher and higher price
there are some positive steps underway ,i think crypto will have a positive effect
crypto need some more time before it will be adopted completely
its prices will remain volatile untill then

your video is always nice you are good content and video creater its nice to hear from you that Bitcoin Depot, the USA's largest ATM network is now in 15 states with 125 Machines. This is great for the growth of cryptocurrency adoption. thanks you for your information please infom us although its panice byut its time to hgold and only a few monthes ago crypto market will go on the peak your information is good
crypto is our feature and every one know it altnhough people are still unawre from this but ups and down are part of life and same like this its part of crypto but it will grow

It's really fluctuating, going up and down graph, which is not too good for business right now.

To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

Outlook good

Hi! I'm a bot, and this answer was posted automatically. Check this post out for more information.

Yes it is down still no need to panic just hope for the best july is gonna change our lifes,patience gonna pay now.

Again start crypto market down since last 16 hours. Patience is a master key now. Further cryptocurrencies will be great. But we need to wait until long rise up. It will be after some period. Better Dtube video conversation @investing.

I like this vid. I'm not worried where the markets are per say. I'm still trying to accumulate the coins I like so I hope we are going to be in the "early stages" for a while. I remember when Bitcoin Depot started lol. It's nice to see them in 15 states . There is actually an atm at a bakery on my corner. It's collecting dust but it is cool.

I type this comment even as I listen to the video. What might be looking a slide downwards to a newbie like me is just the course of a coin going through a phase after which it will eventually rise.
Thanks for the analysis man.

No need to worry right now due to its volotile in nature it can be boom any time.just play safely and get into the crypto train right now.

Yes may be,great dlive from you,love your videos on youtube.whats your thoughts on crypto.

I think it would get adopted quicker if you could buy crypto with a Visa card instead of having to buy bitcoin then buy whatever. They can make it easier

This is really fun watching these markets,no matter where you are just enjoy the rally.if its bear market also dont panic just enjoy,go through these tough times,happy earning.

And the Hodling is good for long term/future investments, but the volatility is fun for the short term guesses.

Am having hard time connecting, do not if it's my network but I'll try out on YouTube. Now I want to ask for a little advice. I bought in some Ethereum in Jan when it was around $1400 each. Now, it's sitting just a little lower than $400 each. I was considering selling it and convert to Steem. Do you think that will be a good move or should I still hodl with the Ethereum?


Anything would be fine,in both cases you are going to get same results.

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Maybe its too early to decide it all depends on whether we are able to educate masses or not... If we are able to succeed we can reach the stars than..

May be but it is good for crypto still its a 6x where i bought bitcoin,so no need to worry.

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Now crypto price is lower and i think it's the proper time to invest. Thanks sir @investing for providing the updates.

There are still in millions that don't know about crypto but once that happens there will be huge investments in the crypto and the whole market will rise as never seen before..

it is just the matter of time.

Indeed, for the second time in just four days, the market is awash with double-digit declines, as in just a few short weeks a combination of new buyer fatigue and negative news appears to have taken its toll.
This time, the culprit may be speculation that new buyers may be further discouraged due to reports China could further restrict domestic buyers from overseas market resources, while major credit card issuers across the globe are reportedly restricting access to cryptocurrency buying.

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I think its time to bay and hold crypto. As its price is at lower side and many countries are adopting it, by the more trade is routed though crypto the more stable it will be.

this looks serious now it is going more lower now still the bottom is not found

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There is hope for crypto currency.

I do not expect a low cryptographic market but I expect an uptrend in the coming time
Really great article done well