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Everyone wants to estimate the returns they might make when they invest.  And new traders often FAIL to consider the difficulties they may face while they are learning crypto trading.

My eMail Subscribers Are A Top Source Of Learning

Some time ago, while I was studying Bob Proctor's philosophies of success, he quoted the following, and I paraphrase:

You don't really understand something until you can explain it to someone else so they understand it.

As a teacher, this quote really stood out for me.  And I always strive to improve my explanations - and get feedback from students, so that I can be sure that I really understand the topic I'm presenting. 

When I Get Questions - Someone Does Not Understand

And when I receive a number of similar themed question from students in my courses, from youtube followers or from my email subscribers - then I get the opportunity to test my knowledge by answering these question in a new way.

I love questions.

Questions are leaders of thought - they help move us from knowledge to belief.  And with new belief, we take new actions, which can dramatically change our results.



a. my question to folks who offer a [how-to-trade] product are, do u have what you do down to a science? 

b. do you have many who are following your "detailed steps" and are getting the same results that you are getting? 

c. do you offer any kind of money back guarantee? 



a. I do have simple, detailed steps.  I created my trading plan between 1995 and 1998, and have been practicing it ever since.  Over the past three years I have created hundreds of cryptocurrency trading videos that now document every phase, from research, to entry, risk control rules, and exit signals.

And sometimes I don’t follow my own rules, and I lose money.

b. While others have done well learning and following the methods I follow - their experience does not mean you will do well, and it does not mean they will continue do well. That is the nature of trading - no one can predict the future.  It is not like gaining a skill in other areas of life because their are unknowable events every day.

The free course may be all you need... and the paid course is a lifetime membership- so you get ALL the community support you want.

c. And, just like a course at University, there is no refund if you fail to study and apply the course material.  



how are you students doing in crypto after they took your course?  


Teaching Crytpocurrency Trading is not like... teaching piano or basket ball.  The piano stays the same all the time.  The basket ball is the same, the net is the same...  While trading is always different from day to day and the past is no indicator of what might occur in the future.  A student may learn the skills well and hit upon a bad market... even when losing correctly, this student may not be profitable because there is no profits in the markets at that time... and a student may not learn the skills, and hit upon a great market... this student may be very profitable in the short term simple because of the markets.

In addition, a new trader may 'know' the skills, and yet they conflict with deeper feelings they have about money - and so they cannot make the best of the trading skills they have learned... without first undoing their erroneous thinking about money.

Your results will be yours.  You get all the credit for your success, and must take 1000% responsibility for your errors. 

It is only by creating trading journals over time, by studying your best and worst trades - that you will change your knowledge into skill and then change your skill into a belief that you act on with confidence.



 What percentage of your students are making notable gains just like you? 


Common stats reveal that 80% of traders lose money and quit trading within 18 months to three years - and I can only guess that people who take my course have about the same success rate.

This is because 5% of trading is about entries and exits, 15% of trading is about money management and 80% of trading is about how YOU feel and react to the markets.  

In other words, YOUR psychology - how you think and feel - is the biggest variable that effects your potential for success.  

This is why I create regular, consistent video journals... And this is why I have created a private space for our members to create their trading journals, so that after the market proves itself one way or another, we may go back and review our own thinking at a specific time - and learn from our successes and failures. 

Risk Control Integrated Into Trading Education

Trading is difficult.  Trading is more dangerous than driving a car.  If make a mistake while driving, other people will try to avoid a collision with you - thus protecting themselves, and you, from your mistake.

This is not the case in trading.  If you make a mistake in trading - everyone is TRYING to take your money from you. In order to prepare for this danger, the course provides an critical perspective about protecting your assets. A great emphasis is placed on simple but profound risk control rules that can protect you with smaller losses and expose you to bigger winning trades.

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Good article and answers to these questions. Taking a course in trading is a good step, learning and practicing is the second step. In your course I learned things that others are not teaching in crypto. Thank you for creating the course and community.


happy dance! I appreciate your feedback!

I completely agree with Anton Kreil as he Remorselessly Savages Charlatan Trading Educators