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Recently, there are many cryptocurrencies on the market, and many of them are based on blockchain technology. Yusra, however, is based on a chain of waves and represents a single blockchain platform. Let me explain what I mean. Yusra's global blockchain includes various products, such as the Marketplace, voting platform, research area, and many others, sufficient to make the system unique without competitors.

Many ICOs and their blockchain platforms have a tendency to fall, because they are not unique or insufficiently complement other traditional platforms. Yusra has the potential to complement online markets, and its various functions form a full-fledged platform good enough for large crowds to use.

The project that we see today will open up new opportunities for us in the field of trade around the world. For both business and individuals, they will use the latest business models, as well as create software that helps companies scale themselves around the world and simplify work with customers. The project really interested me. So I decided to share this with you. Using the latest blockchain technology allows the project to develop even more and affects all areas, not only business areas, but also the sphere of cryptocurrencies.

If you know about cryptocurrencies, you will certainly know the Wave platform. Cryptocurrency Yusra is developed on the basis of the Wave platform. A platform that can be called the best today in the world of cryptocurrencies. This is best because the wave is very simple, user-friendly interface, extremely reliable, processes a large volume of transactions and especially appreciates security. The access control algorithm (PoS-mining) is integrated into Yusra to speed up the processing and confirmation of transactions in the Yusra network. The Proof of Interest process (PoS mining) is a complex system with the interaction of blocks and transactions. The process is fully automatic, it cannot be changed and resist changes due to external factors. Therefore, the system is not hacked, security is very high. You can also get rewards for participating in PoS mining.

The principle of the Yusra project

An ecosystem user can create his Noda in order to attract stacks of other holders into it. To do this, the user will need to go through a simple registration of Noda and pay a small commission within the system. After the entire installation, your node will be visible in the public list of all nodes working on this network and then becomes available for entry for absolutely all other users. Each subsequent user will be assigned a serial number (1, 2, 3, and so on).


  • The ability to learn new and promising crypto assets together with well-known partners.
  • The ability to assemble a team or join someone for analysis or research.
  • Diversify your income.

In general, the project is very interesting, it uses the latest technology. It also works in the global market. Where the project is simple and understandable to every consumer and businessman. The project already has a prototype, it is very interesting for investors. Which platform should bring good returns for long-term investments. We all know that online trading is growing rapidly today. And it can develop to enormous proportions in the future. I will closely monitor this project. Thank you for your attention.

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I evaluate this is low risk project and worth to invest.

Another great article from the project team, thanks for sharing it!

That's great, I'm going to join.

A good project with great potential that promotes interesting ideas and innovations. Strong and professional team. This project deserves more attention to the public.