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I have been trading with Crypto Currency or the past few months and I have learnt so much.

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Disclaimer: I am not a financial expert and I am not in the position to give financial or trading advice.

One of the things I have realised over the past few months is that when you invest in the top 50 currencies, it is best to buy and hold. It takes a lot of time to trade and I unfortunately do not have the time which is required to really trade.

Trading in Crypto

I am keeping a spreadsheet to track the investments in the long run. Most of the tokens that I invested in have their ups and downs, but in the long run, if I bought at a specific price every single token is up from when I originally bought them. My opinion therefor is to buy and hold. It might be different for each and every one.

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Investing in ICO's

I have seen many great posts on Steemit on investment advice, investing in ICO's and so forth. I hsteave only invested in two ICO's and made very positive returns with Humaniq and we will see what happens to Monaco which is currently in ICO. In general I had a great experience. I still own quite a lot of HMQ's and they are steadily climbing the charts.

I found this site yesterday and thought I will share it with those that are interested. The site shows all the upcoming ICO's with dates and count down timers including links to the various ICO sites. I hope that it is useful.


Happy Steeming!

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Thanks for sharing, I'll keep an eye on it. I just invested in my first ICO so I'll keep looking for new ones with upside potential.


Thanks for the comment @kaiching77

Nowadays ICO doesn't be supervised so that there are so many scams using ICO for scaming .....

That is very helpful thank you!

There's SO much to learn it can be a little overwhelming, there's also so much information unfolding at such a quick pace sometimes it's hard not to feel like you're constantly behind the 8 ball. I have invested in BTC and Steem only at this point but am now looking at what other currencies may be worth putting a little bit of cash into. What would you suggest is worth looking at?

I am a big fan of cryptocurrency, my plan is to create a large mining farm, full off the grid, and 50% of the mining profit to invest in diferent coins, and the rest of 50% to invest in mining. I think it is a good strategy for long term.


I hope you make decent profits @danlocks.com. Long term is always a great strategy :) Buy and hold


I am happy with my profits, and very happy to learn and to use new technology every day.

Wow this has either helped me to make a fortune or will be the death of me. I cant wait to get on board with a few of these new coins.


I hope it will not be the death of you but rather give you the opportunity to move into something which you love :)


Me too. I loved what I was doing before until it was all stolen from me. So lets hope that doesn't happen again.

I also interested in ICO. Thanks for your tips. :)


It's a great pleasure

This is good info. I especially liked the ico website as I am looking at Giga watts for investments.


Thanks for the comment

Great link thanks.


Only a pleasure :)

thanks for the link. looks like a good site!

I just shared this with a couple of mates, thanks from them as well! Really handy to have the ICOs all in one place to keep an oversight.

I think it could be designed a lot better. Why do they need such large banners for each ICO. I would rather see a lot more per page. Thanks for the link. I appreciate it.


Agreed it could've been done better, but the info is still good :) Thanks for both the comments @nicnas


Yea. I didnt know about that site so thanks to you as well

I think this site is better: https://www.ico-list.com/

Great site. thanks for sharing..

Humaniq and Monaco are good choices.

Always go long with the cryptos


Indeed ... Thanks for the comment

Killer, ive never personally invested in an ICO but im intrigued. This post helped. ! cheers @jacor


Thanks for the comment @brado

ICO Coutdown looks interesting....good for ICO investors.. thanks for sharing @jacor


It is a pleasure @hms818

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thanks for sharing

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Thanks for sharing! I feel that Blockchain and cryptocurrency are still in the infant stages and ICO for one that needs to be improve in terms of how they do crowdfund to prevent another BAT ICO rush.

Cool! Thanks for sharing this @jacor! I am also investing into some ICOs. This is very useful. :) If you have some time, please checkout my new post about the pre-ICO of Credo, you may find it interesting too :)

Nice post . How do you invest in ICO's ?

Nice. Thanks for sharing. :)