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Buy #GRS Binance ‼
Current Rate 8500 Satoshi

Expect a Breakout Towards 9200-10500 Satoshi Areas

its Been Consolidating for Quite a While Now, Should Breakout Hard 🚀😉

Bitcoin analysis

The bulls can ought to scale a Mean Resistance $6.7k before the uptrend modification are valid. the bulls square measure presently making an attempt a pullback A break and closure below of the $6.14k.

4H currently shows declining volume which has proven to be worrisome.Closely watching the daily levels marked on the chart. I do know with 100% certainty it will break hard UP or DOWN. $BTC will soon run or crash with massive energy.


LTC hourly chart showing current short term support $52.75.
broke down from the ascending wedge formation, now working to grind higher.
It's never a great idea to buy the top of a channel...
until a massive green candle somehow pieces through it.
Small pump is possible for LTC because of Gemini listing this weekend. If LTC pumps, it will dump.

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thanks for your analysis, I agree with you on GRS


Thank you so much brother


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