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4년 전

Bitcoin Price Targets $10,000 as Crypto Market Cap Crosses $180 Billion

The Bitcoin price continued its meteoric rise on Monday, climbing as high as $6,300 to make $10,000 seem like a near-term possibility. The wider crypto markets experienced a general upswing as well, with the Ethereum price posting a 7% to gain to rise above $300 for the first time in 2 days
coincaap today.jpg
Chart from CoinMarketCap
Altogether, the combined value of all cryptocurrencies rose by another $10 billion for the day. It continued to rise throughout the day, eventually crossing $177 billion early Monday morning. Suddenly, the markets spiked above $180 billion for the first time since October 13. At present, the total cryptocurrency market cap weighs in at $178 billion, placing it less than $2 billion below its all-time high.

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