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OnePageX is a comfort, efficient devices to change over cryptographic forms of money. Required no enrollment and low expenses are the key upper hands to let OnePageX extraordinary from others stages.
OnePageX is very promising. It is indeed a very simple, hassle-free and convenient exchange platform to be used. Aside from having the whole transaction process done in just one page, it also allows multiple transactions on the same one page which makes it very convenient. On top of that, it does not require any registration so anyone who is very conscious of their identity can breathe easily. I believe these features that sum up to convenience will attract many clients to use the platform.

When we have to purchase a cryptomoneda we generally have the errand of entering an Exchange by checking our username and secret phrase, checking via the post office and after every one of these techniques we continue to change our Bitcoin. Since you don't need to sign in to enter will produce a connection with which you can enter the same number of times as you need. Just by denoting the page as a most loved in your program you can simply have it available to tally all the more rapidly.

What is OnepageX?

OnePageX is the shortened name of OnePageExchange.It is very easy to use without any complications . It is very fast and more than one trade in a single page so it is called onepage exchange .
In simple words if you want a trade in crypto you have to open a account in exchange that is registration . In onepagex there is no need to register here, you only have to bookmark url for later confirmation .
main page.jpg

Transaction are very easy

Step 1
transaction stage 1.png

Step 2
transaction stage 2.png

Step 3
transaction stage 3.png

Step 4
transaction stage 4.png

No registration requirement

There is No need to get register on OnePagex Simply open the site and go on to fly in the world of Crypto, More than 140 Crpyto Currencies makes this platform more and more awesome to this modern World. I bet you guys will be in love with this platform once you are in.In its quest to make the platform the simplest of all, OnePageX does not require registration before clients can do any transaction. This means saving time for registration and most importantly, anonymity of clients are kept. This is very convenient to those who would want to remain anonymous while conducting their transactions.

Multiple transactions

OnePageX allows multiple exchange transactions to be done in one page thus saving a lot of time for the client from not repeating the same process for every exchange.
more transaction in onepage.png

wide selection of cryptocurrencies

in that way, more people could be interested in this tool so useful and simple that they could change and what better way to have variety in your services and expand that wide range, which currently has 140 different crypts, why not more?one page is that it is very practical since at the time of making the change, you will do it quickly and securely instead of looking in other pages where you have to register, receive the mail, accept, enter others. Here at ONEPAGEX if you need to register you can make them.


When we have to purchase a cryptomoneda we generally have the errand of entering an Exchange by checking our username and secret phrase, checking via the post office and after every one of these techniques we continue to change our Bitcoin.Although it stays ahead from many other websites considering the simplicity of it, still it is waiting to get better. It has taken a few first steps of its journey and trying to grow big.

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