New Cryptocurrency Posters Over At Next Stop Moon Design!

2년 전

We each play a bigger role in the adoption of cryptocurrency then you think. No matter which one you are backing to moon it won't get there without the community. Take a step back every once in a while and look around, you'd be surprised by how few people are paying attention to the rise of Bitcoin and other cryptos.

With a poster from Next Stop Moon Designs you can really grab peoples attention and start a conversation that could convince someone to go and invest their own time and money.

I've chosen to show the picture of the Bitcoin Whitepaper poster because it's the most iconic crypto around, but over on my Etsy site I have a range of designs for you to choose from, and I'm planning on adding a Steem poster very soon so keep a look out for that!

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good post@jhcooper7


Thank you my friend :)


You are welcome.