The Co-fe Project Are Offering A FREE Bitcoin Whitepaper Poster Print-Ready PDF For Anyone Who Signs Up To The Mailing List

2년 전

Promotional efforts in crypto are pretty hard at the moment. A lot of teams turn to random airdrops, but that only works if you're past ICO, and to be honest, does it really work?

I have a number of tokens sitting in my ETH address that I have never heard of, and have no real desire to look into.

In my Marketing background I have always found that the best kind of promotion is that which adds value to the potential customer. Everyone likes free stuff, and it is even better when it is cool free stuff.

For the next week or so, The Co-fe Project has teamed up with NextStopMoon Designs to offer a free high-quality, print-ready PDF of their Bitcoin Whitepaper. I have one hanging in my workspace right now, and trust me, it looks pretty epic.

Co-fe is a blockchain start-up aiming to use the blockchain to create a coffee supply chain without farmer exploitation. Fair-trade organisations haven't done what they intended, but the transparency of the blockchain can bring a whole new perspective to fair-trade.

To get one, it's simple, all you've gotta do is head over to and sign up to the mailing list.

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