Uchain. Remove the Shackles That Bind You to One Place .

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The modern world in the era of globalization has ceased to depend on the territory and place. Now we can be in a few hours on the other half of the planet, it's impossible to carry all our luggage. It's much more convenient to use sharing economy, which allows for a relatively small fee to use things, and then return them back.

Now in the world there is a huge variety of different apps for sharing use:

Uber - for cars
Airbnb - for real estate,
We Work - for the workforce

and so on, virtually any sphere of life can now be subjected to distributed use. However, all these solutions have significant disadvantages:

  • No Commission. All centralized apps for distributed use are solely intermediaries. At the same time, they all take exorbitant fees.

  • Locality. Large companies are international, but not all of them work around the world, their target audience usually ends with developed countries.

  • Lack of confidence. Companies aren't responsible for the user's actions. At the same time, for successful work it's necessary to have a high rating within the system, which is earned over time. Many different services require a separate reputation and each service has its own reputation system. As a result, there is no single user base.

There Is a Solution.


The Uchain project is created as a decentralized alternative. It's designed to fix the current situation by correcting all centralized systems shortcomings.

The platform will run on RPCA technology, which provides very fast transaction speed and guarantees data security. This technology underpins the cryptocurrency Ripple.

Projects Features can be considered:

  1. Minimum Commission, perfect for short-term lease.
  2. The blockchain will allow to safely and securely store the data of the participants. You don't need to constantly register in new apps and update information, you just need to add it to the blockchain once and at any time the user can use it.
  3. The internal token will become a universal independent payment unit. It will be stored on the user's wallet and can be used to pay for any service.

Two types of tokens were created for the full service operation:

UCN- the main project token, will allow to carry out any financial transactions within the system. It can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or fiat.

UCP is a secondary token. It's impossible to buy, but it can be obtained, it's necessary to “freeze” a certain amount of UCN. UCP owners will periodically receive a reward for coins owning. This solution will allow to artificially create demand for currency, as users will be profitable to store it on their wallets and not sell.

Who's in Team?

The project team is represented by very experienced developers. It's worth mentioning that Uchain isn't the first team project. They have a very successful startup Ubicycle, it's created for the rental and сycling use. The project became a hit in Asia and has recently gained popularity in North America. This shows us that professionals, both developers and managers, are working on Uchain.


It's always nice to look at the project, which is created by qualified specialists who are well versed in the situation. The necessary and profitable project must certainly win the attention of users and bring profit to investors. Read more on the official website

Check More Info Here:

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Soon we might see the whole country boundary will be erased for everyone . Now it is boundaryless for special people.


We're all really looking forward to it,but while our governments couldn't agree on a common policy. That's sad. Waiting for better times)

I studied this topic - the volume of the world market sharing economy at an average annual growth rate of 33% by 2025 could reach 335 billion dollars. A good prospect for investment.


I fully agree with that. @mak2017

Sebuah ringkasan bisnis yang luar biasa,, semoga lancar selalu dan terus bersemangat dalam membuat postingan.


Not strong in Indonesian.;-)Thank you for reading.


Yes, the same, support each other, guys

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Very interesting article and I am glad to see new decentralized alternatives like this one. Do you know of any loan services for cryptocurrency investment?


hello @shortsegments ,thank you for feedback ! these projects are engaged in the development of lending system on the blockchain, but they are still under development-Debitum, DCC, The Deal Coin.


They look promising. I like your work, so I have you on auto upvote via Steemauto.
I think you are a good content producer and as I grow your upvote will also.
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Your welcome.