Zero Carbon. A project That Will Help Save the World .

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Despite the development of green electricity technologies and the increase in the electric vehicles share, most of the electricity is still produced by burning fossil fuels. Electricity produced without emissions of harmful substances remains more expensive than the “classical”. Although green energy technologies are constantly improving, the economic factor makes its own adjustments. Why use alternative energy sources today, if traditional ones are more profitable and electricity from fuel combustion is cheaper?

Carbon Credit.

Fortunately, the world is developing not only according to the market laws. According to studies, the concentration of carbon in the atmosphere is close to critical. At this rate, the greenhouse effect will soon be irreversible, with serious consequences. Therefore, in the framework of the Kyoto Protocol, developed countries are pursuing a policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, imposing limits on emissions for enterprises. If the enterprise wants to increase production volumes, it's necessary to fork out for treatment facilities or in any other way to reduce emissions.

But some businesses produce less greenhouse gas than they are allowed by the government. In this case, the emission right can be sold. This right was called “carbon credit". Thus, any company that releases greenhouse gas into the atmosphere and wants to expand production received two ways:

  • To reduce emissions by introducing "green technologies".

  • To buy the right to additional emissions from companies that implement "green technologies".

Carbon credit is a commodity that allows to offset the cost of “caring about the environment.” But the scheme almost doesn't affect consumers, and in fact the development of technology depends heavily on the mass of its application.

The Project “Zero Carbon”


Zero Carbon Project developers offer an interesting solution - to pay energy consumers compensation for overpayment when buying "green energy", thus stimulating customers.

After all, one of the problems of “Carbon credit” is the search for a buyer. The Zero Carbon Project platform takes care of this problem.

The "Zero carbon" project is also an auction for the sale and purchase of “green energy”, allowing suppliers to find a customer easier, and customers to choose the best offer on the market.

At the end of the billing period, customers will be reimbursed for the overpayment for “green” energy, motivating customers to give up electricity generated by burning fossil fuels.


The platform's global reach is ensured by the use of blockchain technologies and smart contracts. Developers understand that in the conditions of the modern market it won't be possible to manage only smart contracts, therefore Zero Carbon Project is a hybrid, partially centralized platform. Important actions, such as the payment of compensation, won't be without centralized solutions, although blockchain technology allows to realize the need for consensus between all three controlling parts of the system.

A Bit About ICO,Energis Token and Prospects.

To further reduce costs and refuse to use third-party services, the project's crypto - token Energis is used as a currency for financial transactions. It is in the tokens that compensation and transactions between seller and buyer will be paid.

The number of tokens is limited to 240 million, and their price will grow along with the growing popularity of the platform. You can buy tokens and get more information about the project on the official website

Of course, progress doesn't stop, and sooner or later all the electricity produced in the world will become “green”, but the market laws considerably interfere with this.

Zero Carbon Project will be the impetus for the development of technologies for electricity production from renewable energy sources, as well as accelerate the rejection of fossil fuels burning, help to preserve nature and bring profit to investors.

Check More Info Here:

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Great, @fako! thanks!

The main reason the world hasn't gone green isn't because we can't afford, but we don't care enough. Hope the platforms achieves great success.


@fredkese, recently, I don't eat the meat and other animal products and in general began to think more about what we do with our planet. We need drastic changes and more conscious consumption. we have no other planet to move there if our planet becomes uninhabitable.


That's the best way to go. Often people blame governments, but when we change individually, those at the top will notice and make changes too.

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congratualtion for your great invetion, but I have a question, what do you think about the future of zero carbon??


@mawahab , I can't make predictions, I don't have that ability;-) Zero Carbon is not the first project that promises to solve the problems of green energy, but I'm happy to write about such projects, because it can really help our planet to avoid environmental disaster.

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Very good subject you share
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@anon9, thanks for your feedback! stay tuned!


You are most welcome

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