Clueless Senators Blast Venezuala's Non-Existent National Cryptocurrency

4년 전

Actual Article Title: 'US Senators Blast Venezuela's Oil-Backed Cryptocurrency Plan'

Title Edited For Correctness: Clueless As Usual, US Senators Blast Venezuela's Oil Backed Cryptocurrency Plan That Doesn't Really Exist.

"U.S. Senators Marco Rubio (R.-Fl) and Robert Menendez (D.-NJ) have denounced Venezuela's planned cryptocurrency in a new letter."

Rubio and Menendez share some beliefs:

A. The US has the right to economically and physically embargo/sanction Venezuala (a tiny nothing poor impoverished nation).

B. The US has the right to make life in Venezuala for Venezualans even worse than it currently is.

C. Venezuala has a national cryptocurrency plan

D. Venezuala will use that national cryptocurrency to circumnavigate US sanctions

E. Venezuala is bad if it wants to circumnavigate US sanctions

Let's walk through those belief's real quick.

A. The US gov't feels it has the right to boss around other nations. Moral superiority and manifest destiny.

I bet if Rubio and Melendez were getting bullied, they would cry foul. But bullies never call foul on their own bullying.

Clueless to their own hypocrisy...that's par for the course for US politicians.

B. Rubio and Melendez are ok with poor Venezualan's becoming even poorer.

Technically that doesn't make them clueless, but it does make them dicks.

Well...Maduro said that's what the national crypto will do...avoid international sanctions.

If you were getting ganged up by bullies and you were starving, wouldn't you want to be able get some lunch money from somewhere?

C. Venezuala MAY have a national cryptocurrency plan. Maybe. In the works. Possibly.

Rubio and Melendez and the US gov't in general get their panties in a twist at any rebellion against US hedgemony. So notice how the slightest hint of 'we're going to get around your sanctions' triggers fear and paranoia amongst the ruling class.

"KEEP AN EYE ON THEM! " What's not said in the article is "WE'RE READY TO BOMB THEM IF THEY ACT UP!"

D. Yep. They sure would if they could. Unfortunately for the Venezualans, it's a terribe idea run by a corrupt gov't. It's not going to work out well.

But agiain, Rubio and Melendez et al don't care about the Venezualan civilians.

E. This goes right back to the hypocrisy of A. 'We have the right to force this piddly little nation to do what we tell it to, and to punish them if they don't.'

The very fact that Maduro has made nothing but noise about getting out from under the yoke of oppressive sanctions, even just a little tiny bit', brings the full force and attention of the US gov't economic and military machine.

The US Constitution doesn't empower the US gov't to oppress other nations, nor to bully little nations.

Unfortunately, Rubio and Melendez aren't clueless about that. They know full well that they are breaking their oath to defend and uphold the Constitution.

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