Post Big Dip, All Is Quiet Today. aka That Quiet Feeling Before Needing Another Hit

4년 전

It looks like the BIg DIp is over.

Can't wait until next January to do it again!

I don't know your experience the last several days, but for me, I was super excited. It was a great buying opportunity. It was a great day trading opportunity. There was A LOT going on! Adrenaline and profits there in the casino.

I felt like I needed a scantily clad waitress to regularly bring me watered down drinks like they do in Vegas.

And now it's quiet. Not a lot moving.

Sure CND went up 150% today and I of course sold all my CND last night*, but hey. That's what happens when you sell your hold coins after only holding them a couple days.

  • Moral of that story - DON'T SELL ALL YOUR HOLD COINS JUST BECAUSE THEY GO UP A COUPLE HUNDRED PERCENT! Hold coins are for 1,000% gains and more. Dummy.

Anyhoo, all is now quiet on the western front. I might actually have to leave the house today, maybe go work out, maybe go for a walk. Maybe work on my actual business.

Gambling Trading crypto is addictive. So when there's not a lot of movement, when the trading isn't easy because there's lots of volatility in's kind of a let down.

There's a quietness that wasn't there. A lack of potential. Nothingness.

It feels good. I got a good night's sleep last night for the first time in what, 5 days?

I wonder how long before the urge for another hit kicks in? Before the anxiety of wanting more, of wanting to go on another ride kicks in.

I realize trading is an up and down thing. SOmetimes there's lots to participate in, a lot of activity. And sometimes things just aren't moving at all.

I look at it as an opportunity to be a better trader. When things are moving, I can make money. When they're not moving......I imagine that takes a lot more skill.

If nothing else, quiet days are great for fostering the quality of patience.

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