Shoutout For BITAFTA Chat

4년 전

Hey Steemians interested in Crypto trading and investing.

I’m giving a shoutout to Vladyslav Antonov and his Bitcoin & Altcoin Fundamental And Technical Analysis Chat and Channel on Telegam

I’ve been investing in the crypto market since early May, mostly just helplessly watching prices go up and down and not knowing anything about anything. I lucked into a small private group of traders that included Vlad.

Primarily due to what I’ve learned in that group and from Vlad, I’ve profited enough in the last two months I could live off of (though I’m reinvesting it of course, I’ve recovered my initial investment and it’s all free money now).

Vlad and two other guys from the group branched off to start a new group with a larger vision, providing Technical Analysys and ICO research and reviews. Vlad is doing this while putting together a big crypto project (which I’m not going to say anything about here as it’s not ‘out’ yet).

The Channel

Probably of most value to you is the Channel. This is a chat free group where the following is posted:

  • No chat
  • Breaking news, specific when it's big news, otherwise there's summary listings
  • ICO research and review (TravelChain is the latest)
  • Interviews with coin CEOs/Project Directors (The CEO of Factom, for instance)
  • Technical Analysis research

Vlad called BCH at $300 a couple days before it shot up to $1,000+, BTG at $116 (It’s doubled since then), Aeon, Salt has hit it’s first target price, and more. Lots of the chat members have made very nice profits following VLad’s TA and ICO research.

The Chat

What you will find in the CHAT:

  • people asking for ico reviews on particular coins
  • people asking opinions on particular coin TA (short term/long term opinions on where it’s going to go)
  • people sharing their trades.
  • staff led conversation re: the above

Yes there’s a lot of noobs coming in, the good news is that it’s far from the shite culture found on some/most facebook/telegram groups. This group is well moderated and bots keep 90% of the clutter and stupid questions from ever hitting the screen (including the annoying questions and ‘to the moon’ questions that pop up far too often elsewhere on the internet).

Come on over and check it out. See what you think about the TA and the ICO research. The chat is the chat, obviously, and the channel is just for Vlad and his staff’s TA, ICO research reports, coin CEO/managing director/project staff interviews, etc.

And of course it's free.

Find and join the telegram CHANNEL here:

Find and join the telegram CHAT here:

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