The End Of The 1 Satoshi Coin Era?

4년 전

I predict 2018 to be the end of the era of 1-2 satoshi coins being available.

It's been GREAT! For instance, if you bought DCN for 1 satoshi at the end of Dec 2017, on Jan 10th 2018 you could have sold it for 40 satoshi.

x40 gains in two weeks!

The 1 Satoshi Coin - A Dying Breed

But if you look on your exchanges for sub-$.01 coins, there's hardly any left.

Partly that's because money flooded into everything cheap the last two thirds of 2017 (and of course the first couple weeks of Jan 2018). Partly that's because pump and dumpers have pushed prices up from the bottom. Partly that's because 1 satoshi coins with no volume have been delisted.

2014-2017 were the glory years for mad profits on 1 satoshi coins. Throw some money in, and sooner or later the shit coin would get pumped. And some of them, like Verge and XRP ($.005 to $3.40 in less than a year)...well....good coins came from the bottom of the price barrel too.


But starting in 2018, you'll never see a Verge or an XRP phenomenon again. No more coins that go from half a penny to $4+.


  • Ico's are all starting out at MINIMALLY $.07, and many over $1.

  • Mania is in full swing, new coins don't have to start at a price of almost nothing anymore. THey can start at $1 and people will pay, just because it's a coin, and any whitepaper made by a guy on Fiverr will do.

  • The big boys are going to start rolling out crypto exchanges (and presumably integrating crypto trading with stock trading on the same platform). No more shitty, poorly performing exchanges (I've had SBD locked from me on Poloniex for 5 weeks now)...these will be world class exchanges...FAST and with MILLIONS of existing users ready to throw their money in.

  • GOv't regulation. It probably won't really start to land till 2019, but sooner than later the gov't is going to regulate the market, and no longer will some guy living in his grandma's basement be able to clone bitcoin and put it on the market at 1 satoshi and rake in millions.

1 satoshi coins may exist as 'penny stocks' on the new exchanges, but add gov't regulation in there to help limit the egregious pump and dumps.....

Enjoy your 1 satoshi gambles while you can. Heck, get in on them while you can. 2018 is going to be a crazy year, billions and billions of new money is going to come in, and 80% of the existing 1 sat coins are going to go minimally 20x.

Pay yo' monies, takes yo' chances!

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