The Most Importnat Quality You Need To Get Rich In Crypto

4년 전

Until the crypto 'bubble' bursts in a couple years, there is one, and only one quality, that is required to 100x your investment.

It's what had someone buy (or mine) bitcoin at 5 cents and hold it until $20,000 (10 years later)

It's what had someone buy Verge at essentially nothing and hold it until $.24 (12 months later)

It's what had someone buy XRP at $.005 and hold it until $3.31 (10 months later).

It's what had someone buy BCH at $300 and hold it until $2,800 (what, 2 weeks later?)

It's what had someone buy LTC at $1 or $7 and hold it until $300+.

It's what had someone buy ETH at $1 or $15 and hold it until $700.

Dash. Monero. Zcash.

Etc, etc, etc.

What is this quality?

Tons of money to invest? No.

Endless hours of research? No.

Lucky timing? No.

Picking a coin with strong fundamentals? LOL, no.

Strong technical analysis skills? No.

Balls of steel/willingness to take risk? No.

The number one, the most important, the singular indicator required to make the corrrect investment picks and make thousand-plus percent gains is.....



Belief is the Allspark.

Belief is THE KEY to winning in the burgeoning crypto market. Without belief, you struggle. You lose money. You sell too early and watch the price soar away from you. You regret. You wish. You wonder how you could have been so dumb.

Belief is what has you accumulate and hold with confidence. It's the most sucessful guiding principle for evaluating technical analysis. It is Peace In The Dips.

When you believe, you can look at a 100% gain and shrug, knowing you're a LONG way from your target.

Belief saves you from ROMO (regret of missing out), because you bought.

Belief saves you from not buying due to FOFOMO (Fear Of Fear Of Missing Out).

Theorizing Is Not Believing

When you theorize that we're in the beginning a VAST new industry, and that there's lots of mania involved (and more to come), then you might participate in the market, buying and selling hoping for a lucky win here and there. But when you BELIEVE that we're at the bottom, even still at the bottom, then you buy, buy, buy, and hold.

Others sell because they think it can't go any higher. BELIEF knows it's going to go higher. You ride the wave to riches, they sold out with some profit. There's nothing wrong with some profit...but there's a lot better with riches.

What Belief Does

  • allows you to hold with confidence (no selling after holding for 6 months only to watch it go up 1,000% the next day)
  • avoids "DAMN I WISH I HADN'T SOLD!" as the price goes up 300% more once you're out.
  • lets you sleep peacefully at night
  • has you buy right now, instead of waiting for a 5% drop and then watching it only go up and leave you behind

What Belief Does Not

  • does not prevent you from day trading
  • does not prevent you from swing trading
  • does not prevent you from position trading
  • does not grant you permision to stay ignorant about technical analysis
  • does not guarantee you're going to the moon or getting a lambo. Believers can still do DUMB shit (ChainCoin, I'm talking about you!)
  • does not mean that you never sell

If you haven't been a believer, that why you've missed out on so much. YOu could have been a millionaire by now if you had belief (instead of hope, dreams, wishes, fantasies, etc).

Yes we're going to have corrections and probably a big crash. Great! Those are buying opportunities.

Believe, and buy. Now.

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Good post, will you be kind enough to share your beliefs? If you do, I will share mine.



  1. 2018 is going to be crazy everything up year. Enjoy it while you can.
  2. Gov't will gear up to heavily regulate crypto in 2019.
  3. Gov't will gear up and go after 'tax evaders' in 2019. People going to prison will be in the news.
  4. Bitcoin will go to $30k.
  5. Bitcoin will probably go to $50k.
  6. The next generation of blockchain projects will hit the market, led corporate teams, putting previous small-team coins/projects to shame.