The Shittiest Coin To Double Your Money On In 2018

4년 전

In the crypto world, a 'shitcoin' is a terrible nothing coin.

The devs no longer work on the coin, and/or there's no volume because nobody is buying or selling, and/or the project has no fundamentals, etc, etc.

'Shitcoin' is an insult. For instance, people that don't like XRP call it a shitcoin, despite it being a world class project with active working products, real world need, active partnerships, etc. And it went from less than a penny to the current $2.65 or so. Not bad for a 'shitcoin'.

Common wisdom says you should stay away from shitcoins and only invest in good projects with a likelihood of sucess.

That's probably true.

But what if you could take the shittiest of shit coins and double your money this year? Probably up to 10x your money (but let's stick with just 'doubling' your money).

B3 coin is that shitcoin. B3 is a terrible dog of a coin. I could describe WHY, but it's not relevant to the topic. Just go with that B3 is a massacre of a deplorable idea.

If it's so bad, how can you double your money with it?


B3 is currently at 1 satoshi on

A. B3 is 'trading' at 2-4 satoshi on other exchanges. Which would be great arbitrage profit IF you could get your B3 off coinexchange....but the exchange wallet is currently closed for deposits/withdrawls.

BUT! If that wallet gets working again, and in theory the devs have said they're working on it and it's almost done, then arbitrage opportunity opens up. Buy at 1 and sell at 2-4? Ok!

B. On, you can buy B3 for 1 satoshi. Good luck selling it, because there's a LONG line of sellers in front of you trying to salvage a sliver of what they put into it.

But you can buy for 1 satoshi. That's as cheap as it gets (though in theory you can buy micro shares with doge...).

1 satoshi! Just about as close to nothing as you can get.


Good fundamentals? Nope.
Good business plan? Nope.
Solid prospects for growth? Nope.
Going to be bought out by a major corporation? Nope.

A. This is 2018. 2018 is going to be crazier than 2017. Miracles will happen. And, terrible gambles will bring huge gains. Across the board. Throw your money at a dart board you're going to win.

B. Even with everything terrible about the B3 project and business design, B3 has a huge community of 'believers'. Very active social groups. Devs that are actively active.

That means there's a lot of mouths to hype to newbies. That means there's a lot of people willing to put more money in, and to fomo if they see it going up.

C. B means that a smart whale (or even a dumb one) is either by himself or with friends, going to pump and dump B3 at least once.

D. Don't forget the irrational mania gripping the crypto world. That mania is just in it's infancy. It's going to swell to unbelievable proportions (you thought 2017 gains were crazy?? Just wait.)

I rate the chances of B3 not going from 1 sat to 2-3 sats at exactly 0%.
I rate the chances of B3 going to 6 sats to be minimally 50%

Plus, think of how fun it would be to say you doubled your money on one of the worst shitcoins that ever existed?

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