XCS Shitcoin Is Dead, Long Live ARMR (likely it's shitcoin successor)

4년 전

Last night/this morning CybCSec (xCS) coin took a snapshot and forked.

What a shit show.

The joy of this young market is that a lot of profit was made from participating in that shit show.

CybCSec is (was) a coin with a fair amount of drama around it's failure:

  • devs accused of fraud and criminal activity
  • inactive devs
  • a blockchain that doesn't work
  • infighting amongst the devs

Did I mention the XC blockchain doesn't work?

"As you know, the XCS Block Explorer is not working so we have been working on another way to do the snapshot for our ARMR Air Drop."

This is more of the kind of thing you'll see if you take a glance at their bitcointalk threads and telegram group: "We have been trying to contact the XCS team to get them to fix the XCS blockexplorer, so that balances can be checked there but as we have no control over the original XCS coin or blockchain we cannot guarantee that the XCS explorer will be working before 9th January. "

So the 'good' devs are going to start a whole new coin. And it's going to be awesome, right? Because surely these are the good devs starting a whole new coin and not the bad devs accused of fraud etc acting like good devs promising a fork and free coins....to get a big bump in price so they can take a big profit before abandoning their already dead project.

Anyway, the conversion rate will be about 1 ARMR for every 5 XCS you had in your wallet. They're not sure yet. (ha!)

I took my gains last night right before the snapshot, and ran. Good thing too, as post-snapshot the coin price dropped from about 250 sats to 14 sats (now back to 84...a great gain if you caught the bottom and can find someone to buy at 84).

So XCS was a dead coin, had a big price bump pre-snapshot as people wanted the 'free coins', and is again a dead coin now. Maybe xcs will get pumped again this year (it's 2018, most every shit coin will get pumped a few times), but the project itself already was and still is dead.

ARMR may become something. Perhaps the devs will fill up their empty staff positions and come up with a world class coin.

It's possible but......uhhh....

Let's see what ARMR does if/when the coin actually comes out and then when/if it hits an exchange. I'm not holding my breath.

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