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A model show has been made. It produces shards, exchanges pushing toward exchanges and achieves accord utilizing the BFT check. Testing was made on 10K straightforwardness Amazon Web Services organized in 8 cloud spaces on 3 zones so as to test the dependable structure idleness. 30% of exchanges are cross-sort out and every shard contains 400 center interests. This technique guarantees an unprecedented state of security, paying little regard to whether 25% of every single focus point work damagingly. Every single focus point have 1 processor, 1 GB of RAM and around 700 MB/S of symmetrical transmission limit. A test format of 10K focus fixations and 25 shards achieved a speed of 10184 exchanges for constantly. Those. Concordance arranging demonstrates controlling in clear conditions. With strongly focus focuses, execution ought to be higher.

The guide isn’t least need, before the present year’s over they should need to dispatch a testnet. For the illustrations for 2019, there is the dispatch of a domain relationship for budgetary affiliations, scaling to 100K focuses, 100K tx/sec and a second deferral. It isn’t clear when they intend to achieve a speed of 1 million tx/sec


Stephen Tse, Founder. https://www.linkedin.com/in/tsestephen/

Stephen filled in as a specialist at Microsoft’s examination division, as a senior modeler at Google, and as a central fashioner at Apple. He set up the startup Spotsetter, which built up a diminished web crawler. Spotsetter drew $ 1.3M of hypothesis on a seed round and was later gained by Apple in 2014. He holds a doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Security shows and compiler check.

Nicolas Burtey, Co-facilitator/COO. https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicolasburtey/

Has a multi year accreditation in number juggling and programming working, about as pushed heading in computational photography. He began as a free picture taker and maker of virtual visits. By then he developed the alliance Orah, which makes and sells programming for making video content in the field of expanded reality.

Alok Kothari, Co-Founder. https://www.linkedin.com/in/alokkothari/

He continued ahead from Carnegie Melon University with affected getting ready in programming engineering. Beginning there forward, 3 years he worked at Machine Learning Engineer at Apple, where he was occupied with the advancement of language demand figurings for Siri

Rongjian Lan, Co-Founder. https://www.linkedin.com/in/rongjian-lan-6548013b/

Holds a multi year school preparing from Beijing University of Science and Technology and pushed masterminding from the University of Maryland with a degree in programming organizing. 4 years worked Software engineer in Google. Since February, he has been co-seat of the ABC Blockchain Foundation, a non-advantage affiliation that prompts blockchain improvement.

Out of the blue, Harmony will be the assistance and adornment of the Blockchain Awakens hackathon, which is made by the ABC Blockchain Foundation on August 4-5 in San Mateo. Other welcomed visitors combine Dawn Song, an instructor at Carnegie Melon and Berkeley Universities and cryptography star at Whitfield Diffie

Hakwan Lau, the position and estimation of obligations in Harmony isn’t illustrated.

Acting teacher at UCLA, having some most distant point in neural systems and AI. He continued ahead from Oxford, was an accessory educator at Columbia University and has more than 90 approaches in reasonable diaries.

Three extra associates are associated with the undertaking at low help. Incredibly solid truly experts with relationship in IBM, Microsoft, Google, Alibaba Cloud

Lead a working system for specialists. Each article on Medium glorifications with a connection beginning a page on the site with conditions. A sum of 11 openings are open, of which 5 are fashioners – 3 structure modelers and 2 engineer blockchains.

The party is solid genuinely, with an abundance of thought in the fields of AI, AI, blockchain, extended reality and compilers. About everybody has a Senior Engineer position in various affiliations. There are insufficient appearing, tellers and marketing specialists, in any case openings are available to these positions and I am certain that they won’t be open for long.


Zi Wang. https://www.linkedin.com/in/ziwang0315/

Worked with Google from 2006 to 2015 on Chrome, Google [X], Android and Nexus things. He was the focal worldwide innovative pioneer of Google’s mechanical get-together divisions and one of the makers of Google’s $ 20 million research lab. He set up Quantum Bakery, a startup collaborating with Google, Corning and Toyota, in the improvement of purchaser things with man-made mental most inaccessible point. He has a multi year school heading in programming building and incited course in credible cash related edges.

Isaac Zhang. http://www.locision.com/en/pack 2/

CTO, Co-Founder startup Locision – cloud answers for relationship to make reasonableness, perfect position and update inside techniques.

Doctorate in Computer Engineering from the University of Nottingham. He has a few licenses in the field of AI and versatile picking.

Aaron Li. https://www.linkedin.com/in/aaronqli/

Maker, CEO of Qokka – things in the field of AI, AI and blockchain.

Moved to the United States on the Einstein Green Card, which is issued to specialists with astounding motivations behind suppression. He holds a Masters getting a handle on from Carnegie Melon University with a degree in Language Technology.

Navneet Singh. https://www.linkedin.com/in/aaronqli/detail/treasury/rundown/?entityUrn=urn%3Ali%3Afs_treasuryMedia%3A (ACoAAAtcX4cBIGsgZ6zT5qtckmxlYegGvNcA9JY 2C1521696771194%) and zone = approach and treasuryCount = 8

In a Google drove get-together of 27 for a long time engineers who were occupied with advancement in the field of conventionalist applications and adaptable plans. He was correspondingly the senior VP of WorldPay, the best piece processor, and the head of Data Science at Ezetap, a versatile part supplier.

He continued ahead from MIT with a specific individual’s and moved course in programming building.

Michael Young. https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaeleyoung/

In the record of the establishment of the three affiliations, which were as prerequisites be gotten by dynamically clear ones. He has duty in making controls relationship from the Fortune 500 tons US Department of Defense. Ace and Ph.D. Stanford in Electrical Engineering

There are no stars in the Advisors, yet all with stunning course and thought in clearing affiliations, in like course as commitment in structure up affiliations. Heinously, none of the reprimand on the LinkedIn profile have a Harmony

experience. The undertaking has no decorations yet.

Administrators with blockchain experience are open both in the Team and in the Advisors, notwithstanding it shows up they are insufficient. Possibly getting this, the get-together is driving such a working decision.


Beginning late, a $ 18 million was brought up in a seed round, wellsprings of financing are not revealed. There are no structures for crowdfunding as of now and in like manner there is no waisting. Notwithstanding, it makes the tendency that the game-plan is so far conceivable. In the assignments proposed in the opportunity of a silliness in corporate improvement, private methodology and last methodology are referenced with a yet inadequate hardcap. Some time prior there was data about a hardcap of $ 30 million for 20% of tokens per deal, in any case the get-together does not remark on this information. Other than in the fundamental sort of the VI was the going with data:

This proposes about 8% of without a doubt the degree of tokens will significantly progressively then likely quickly deal on the trade. In addition, these are tokens that were not gotten, regardless of everything considered coursed by the endeavor for themselves. In the most recent differentiation in the VI this data is never again open. Potentially it will be rethought. We will watchfully consider the token estimations when they are really passed on.


The errand has a station in Telegram with 10 + K supporters. The channel was set up on July twentieth. It isn’t get how they gets a handle on the most proficient method to get such constant so rapidly. It is past the space of inventive capacity to plan to wrap up familiar with this in the Telegram, the station is shut for correspondence, they are basically quickly along these lines squashed. Which is incredibly difficult to miss, in light of the path that There is another channel Announcements.

The undertaking has another channel on Medium, where articles are routinely posted about key changes in the undertaking.

Structure The

qualities of the

Blockchain experience are in themselves promising subjects. Unfathomably arranging targets.

Utilize existing degrees of advancement: OmniLedger, Google User Datagram Protocol and others.

An astoundingly solid get-together and specialists. Dynamic choice and colossal structures for developing the gathering

Reasonably spent a sid-round and gathered $ 18 million

Mind blowing test consequences of the show

The sensitive edifications behind the

Blockchain experience are over the top test here.

Padded and foggy guide

Uninformative and genuinely overseen site

Not the best token estimations that need affirmation.

We passed on a firm check of 85% to Harmony, which joins

Thing – 88%

Get-together/Advisors – 93%

Tokenomics – 74%

This check might be reconsidered after the dispersal of announced token estimations or some other new data.

Right now, we trust Harmony is an especially consoling errand and we will rigidly screen types of progress.



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