Poloniex deposit problem

4년 전

Hello lads, I have problem with mining deposit on poloniex exchange, I have been mining on that address for more than half year. Month ago I noticed that there is some coins missing, some transaction didnt "arrive".

Its Zcash(ZEC) and when I run throught adress search it confirms that transaction went to my adress but on poloniex in deposit and withdraw hystory I cant find them, two transactions, its about 15$ so its not a big deal..
I have contacted Poloniex support last month and there is no answer still..

Do any of you have some advice or have been in similar situation ?

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Poloniex always says you shouldn't mine directly to the deposit address, so first thing I would do is install a ZEC wallet and change the mining address of your rig. Open another support ticket and pray that Poloniex replies! Because I had an issue with them too and its been more than a month with my funds blocked, I'm still waiting for them to fix it...


Thanks for reply, I know that its not good to mine on exchange but with wallet i have more fees( as i dont hold ZEC ) and on smaller amount it eats profit, for bigger amount it would be ok but then it would have to stay on nanopool to reach amount of it isn't safe again, its all compromises..
Also have read that their support isn't very active ...