Cryptocurrency Double Digit+ Gains #231

3개월 전

Wednesday September 18th 2019

Another Green Day with the Altcoins running.

Bitcoin is trading at 10218 and continues to consolidate on the 9 (EMA) on the 3 Day chart. It is likely best to continue to long term HODL BTC as the price remains bullishly well above the 200 day moving average.


In the top 100 market cap on there is one top 15 coin by market cap: Stellar (20%) also BGB (19%), ETN (17%), MIOTA (14%), ZRX (11%) and RVN (10%) make double digit gains today.


In the top 200 market cap on Double digit gains are being seen by: ABBC (49%), DX (33%), NPXS (33%), QASH (27%), TCH (26%), XLM (24%), LINA (23%), VITAE (23%), WIX (22%), and BCN (20%).


EOS Double digit gainers on : include: BOID (21%), PEOS (19%) and SENSE (18%).

A good visual of the cryptocurrency market is provided by


Congratulations to everyone holding these coins!


An expanded graphic version of this article can be found at:

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