Cryptocurrency Double Digit+ Gains #234

3개월 전

Tuesday September 24th 2019

Bitcoin is trading at 8755 and even got a quick wick through the 200 (MA), but no worries. It is likely still best to continue to long term HODL BTC as the price remains bullishly well above the 200 day moving average.


There is a significant amount of green double digit percentage standouts on a substantial red day for the overall cryptocurrency market can be seen at


The biggest gainers today in crypto are trading with EOS on
The triple digit gainer was ENB (117%) followed by a crowd of double digit gains by: SENSE (45%), CHL (42%), CLOVER (36%), ER (35%), CHT (34%), EBTC (33%), TEA (26%), NUT (26%), MEV (25%), but wait there are more: EOSDAC (20%), TXT (20%), MORE (20%), LYNX (19%), EETH (19%), KING (16%), BOID (15%), SOV (23%), BLACK (12%), TRYBE (11%), BET (10%) and PTI (10%).



It is easier for the EOS tokens and projects to defy the overall market trend due to lower volumes and thin order books.

Still nice to see quite a bit of green is a sea of red.

Congratulations to everyone holding these coins!


An expanded graphic version of this article can be found at:

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