STEALTH token giveaway

3년 전

For those of you who are still here in support of my products and projects, please ping me on Telegram (see #1 below) with your Bitshares address, as I'd like to give you a couple STEALTH tokens as a thank you. We're really close now. The Stealth project is finally taking shape! :)

  1. This offer is limited to 200 accounts, so PM me quick (!
  2. As of this moment, I have given tokens to 80 people already, which means that only 120 more people will get some.
  3. You must send me your BTS address via Telegram to qualify (see #1 above).
  4. I am sending them out once per day.


For those of you unaware of what Stealth transactions are, they are a new feature being added to the Bitshares platform and UI over the next few months (testnet to be made public very soon). It allows you to Send/Receive/store digital assets (to Accounts and Contacts) anonymously, ie:

"unknown" sent n "unknown" to "unknown"

Here are some forum threads about Stealth:

Note: I do not sell tokens, nor will I ever, this is just a giveaway with no strings attached. I want to thank all my Followers for being so supportive here on steemit too!

MUCH love here, thank you again!! :)

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  ·  3년 전

Fantastic opportunity for supporters!


Thanks for the tip! I added this to my OpenLedger favorites and put in an order.


That was a great segway. I just bought 2 for fun.

Great Project 👍


Currently in my portfolio: 10k XST
holding until the cows come home


XST/StealthCoin and STEALTH aren't the same, BTW.


I was wondering that!! lol


I need to get my XST up to your level :D let me know if you want to shoot me any lol

This is a great giveaway, if one can get access tot he link you are mentioning... "" doesn't link up to a site and continuously brings me to a faulty page...

I would LOVE, maybe not kill yet, for some STEALTH, and definitely can't wait for the technology to find itself out there. Exciting times for this world right now... My Bitshares address is eric-boucher, plain and simple.

Thanks a lot for this contest, in hopes this message finds you and your family well and thriving! did you get to read the articles about my passage to Greece, in which you are mentioned? ;) Namaste :)


I searched for "kencode" in my Telegram contacts section, found and added him there.

Thanks for commenting on this Eric. I also got an error when clicking the link and I do already use Telegram and have it open in my web browser.


Thanks a bunch for your sharing of information @matthewdavid, it is appreciated.

Namaste :)


If that link doesn't work, try this one:

Then, once Telegram is running, you can add me from there @kenCode :)


10/4! Thanks a lot @kencode! Namaste :)

Now that I have a couple of Stealth tokens, I want people to use the feature even more. Thanks Kencode.


Speed, scalability, flexibility, privacy... Bitshares kicks ass.

Wow i would like some but not sure what telegram is. Lol


Telegram is a very popular chat application that supports encryption and free phonecalls.
Check it out:
All of us Agorists and world-changers hang out in there too, in the "Agorise" Telegram group :)


It seems to be a mobil app and can not be downloaded for mac or pc


There is an option for desktop/browser from the website, that's what I use, but it will setup and confirm through an SMS verification code requiring a mobile phone # to be entered.

Make stealth like grandma did ;-)


exactly, if my grandma can (and wants to) use it, then imo I have done a good job :)

nice information and offer @knecode, upvoted and resteemed

Thank you so much for your dedication :) Upvoted.

Thank you so much for continuing to publish this important information...upvoted

Thanks for the generous giveaway. Received mine few minutes ago. If the limit stays at 1 million and people starts to adopt it, the price will skyrocket soon. Good luck with the project.


Thanx @alien45 :)
Spread the word about Bitshares and Agorism!


Ok, as of this moment (monday the 25th), I have sent tokens to 149 people, which means tomorrow I will send to 51 more, so please spread the word!


It's great. I'm eager to test it once it has released. Thank you for making bitshares better

This is amazing @kencode, steemit needs more people like you with this kind of mind, Thank you very much for sharing this!!


blushing -thank you @g-mor :)

@kencode I would love to have some stealth if your giveaway is not over (or even buy some at a reasonable price) My bts account is the same as here.

Thank you very much


hey @mf-tzo sorry but the giveaway ended this morning, i posted about it here on this steemit post and in the telegram group. :(

i do have more goodies coming though, so check out the telegram group since i always post there first:


@kencode no worries mate. Unfortunately I do not use telegram and missed it. In any case I am interested in buying a lot of stealth and not so much on giveway. I am waiting for my price on the DEX,although I understand that this may never happen since I doubt people will sell their stealth anyway..

Things are getting exciting and Stealth will benefit a lot of people!

its going to be awesome thanks for the update on this

Thank you for your generosity! Resteemed!

This is awesome to know about resteemed for more participation :)

it's nice to hear that STEALTH token free giveaway starts, it's great opportunity for all steemians so i resteemed the post to my followers too.


WOW that's awesome, thanx so much @bbomber! :)

I did get them. Thank you very much!

heelo @kencode, respected sir, i appreciate your thinking, and very thankful to you for sharing very important and informative breaking news, you done great for cryptocurrency field.

thanks alot for informing us about this!

Oh that's exactly what BitShares needed! :)


It's nowhere near "done" yet, but I agree with you, Bitshares will definitely benefit from the ability to offer such privacy to the masses :)


Yep, super cool to finally get some private exchanges on Bitshares DEX. I hope I'm not too late on the token share @kencode :-)


You probably are, same as me! :(


THE STEALTH TOKEN OFFER IS NOW CLOSED. Thank you to everyone who is helping to spread the word about Bitshares and Agorism!! :)
More Agorist products on the way..:


Thank you, Ken!


no prob @zhenek :)
Spread the word about Bitshares and Agorism!


Many thanks)))

Thanks for the update Ken. I have been reading as much as I can about BitShares over the past few weeks, but I hadn't heard about this. I appreciate your post.

The giveaway is probably ended, but I'll still try to connect with you on Telegram anyway.

I hope this generous offer is not done yet)
Have sent U my bts address.
Even if it done - all the best to U)


Not done yet, but by the looks of it, I got the final 51 PM's today, so tomorrow's distribution will probably be the last one. For anyone who doesn't know, we have a telegram group too at:



joined it/

even if I'll not receive anything I will have a look at it.

Though I don't prefer stealth mode personally I think there will be people who will be happy to start using bitshares for this feature. If only bitshares had more currency pairs and volumes :)

Its amazing opportunity, I'll surely follow this project Stealth from now on..

This is a great ideal... for appreciating people's who are in support of u..... that kind of u....
Well am not on I don't think this give away will reach me... but thank for share token with yoir supporters..

Best regards

  ·  3년 전

Great giveaway. As this was posted 14 hours ago i wil probably be to late. Wil keep a close eye on your posts from now on :)

seems great thanks for the info :)

Support good projects

its an awsome offer everyone should be looking forward, however if you want to access all steemit features / apps e.g. steemit, steemit chat, Dtube and your exchange wallets staying at one platform from your mobile you may read this.

  ·  3년 전

Nice giveaway. When will the stealth token be revealed? :)


The token is trading on the Bitshares dex already.

Thanks Mr. @kencode. Hope that I will receive some tokens :)

Wow! Bitshares to the moon! Excellent feature and btw am I allowed now? I guess am late lol

is it over now sir ?

Intriguing post - thanks @kencode .

Nice cripto news sir voted, follow for upcoming post ,

Fantastic supporters!

Support good project.


Good posting you @kencode amazing please follow me and vote @bilqis07

Nice to meet you :), I want to communicate frequently.

Thanks for the information by the way :)

I really need to be there myself
I need a bitshares wallet
Thanks for the giveaway
You are a God
Keep it up

This is awesome. Thank you so much for sharing

If i'm not too late, I'm in. Awesome!

your post is just awesome... just love it ...
i just started following you follow me back on @heisali please

Cool! Thanks for sharing!

Upvote from @dunsky

I wonder if i can get some. I have messeged you @kencode

This still open?

Can you solicit a miner if the exchange is coinsensual?

That is great I wonder if there are any left right now for the 200?

Exelente I would like some.

bts: jjb777