BTC Ethereum Analysis 1/9/2018

4년 전

Ethereum markets tried to rally initially during the trading session on Monday, but the $1200 level has offered far too much in the way of resistance to continue going higher. Because of this, I suspect that the market will probably pull back a bit, finding plenty of support near the $1000 level, if we get that low. Wait for the bounce, and then start buying again.
The Ethereum markets tried to rally against Bitcoin as well, but then rolled back just a bit. Longer-term, this is a very strong impulsive move to the upside, so I think that buyers will return on these dips to take advantage of value. Bitcoin is struggling a bit, while Ethereum seems to be hanging a bit tougher. Because of this, I anticipate that this market goes higher.

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thanks for information on ETC it is nice crypto coin.

ETC is going sky high. It's interesting how it can take so long to get moving upwards, but when it does, it's going to go up for awhile.

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