The cryptocurrency dump of January 2018 in a few images

3년 전

As we're on the cusp of another bull run, let's not get complacent and remember what it looked and felt like during the bear run in January. Complacency and euphoria caused many of us to hold bags near the top, and many still are right now. We are all bullish on crypto in the long term but holding through short term dips can be hard, so don't let massive bull runs lull us into thinking that price will just keep going up. It'll always feel like everything will go up forever, until it doesn't.

When Bitcoin was at $17k.

Casual 15 mil exiting the market early:

Long capitulation:

At the bottom, buy volume picking up:

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Not market is getting stable and each and every coin is gaining... Nice one @kjnk

Good Job Fri...