Crypto-stuff detected #15 - Supply chain, authentication, logistic

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My series of articles, about crypto-related stuffs, what i find while discover the cryptoverse. If you are interested about crypto, you can enjoy my selection!

This article is more teaser, less review, if you are interested, you have to follow one of the most important rules in cryptoverse: do your own study! So, i write, what you can read there, what i can read there, what they say there, and you have to do your own investigation, and make your own decision, it's your responsibility!

As we know, the supply chain industry will be one of the biggest winners of the blockchain technology. Optimalizing the processes and tracking the goods and wares (and almost all of the circumstances) in real time, can help to save huge amount of money. And no doubt, this money have to pay the customers, us, right now. So maybe the development will reach double advantage, more product security, and cheaper prices.

I dont want to talk about the big players (like VeChain, or Waltonchain), they are well known, and we see big steps forward time to time. But there are some relatively small, niche, or new projects, which can be intresting.

SEAL - Blockchain powered product authentication

Pretty good solution against the duplications or fake products, which is more important in case of big, famous brands. When you purchase an expensive clothes or bag or anything, its real demand, you get the correct quality for your money. But be honest, can you decide with your eyes, this or that stuff is original or not? I cant, and i think, there are many average people, who also cant do this, because we are not producers or specialists, designers, etc. We have to believe the shops, they give for us, what we pay.

The solution is simple: the producers embed a physical NFC-chip into the product, and you can scan it with your smartphone. Tadadadamm, problem solved.

They have a teaser-video, if you are interested, check this:

BitNautic - Naval logistic

The shipping on water is the cheapest and most effective way to deliver the goods from one place to other. We all saw - at least on photos - gigantic tankers or container-ships, with unbelieveable number of storage units. What is mean? Its mean billion or multibillion dollar industry, where if you can save 0,1% on costs, so, that is still a big money.

15 bitnautic.jpg

And this size also the disadvantage for many members of industry, if you want to ship a small amount of stuffs, you are not the good partner for the shipping company. You get higher price, difficult paperwork, longer time etc. So why not change the system to the blockchain, AI and smart contracts?
This is, what BitNautica does. Booking system, real time tracking, e-commerce platform. Seems perfect meeting place for producers, ship-owners, and traders, without heavy organizing.

They have too a short video, you can watch it for details:

WeProov - Certified condition

15 weproov.jpg

Next to the fact, the blockchain will be huge asset in large-scale economy, in the life of normal people, also have some good effect, for example trought this service. With this tool, you can make and store immutable and certified status report (with photo) and actual condition of your vehicle, property, etc. There is no more argument, the participating parties can make the agreement together, with photo-documentation, and store the data on blockchain.

Here is a video about the app:

Rent a house or a car? Just make a fast report it, and avoid the future inconvenient talks with the simpliest evidence. Tracking the goods are important in the economy. But tracking the happenings are also important for example in case of minor car accident, for the insurance.

Viant - "Building the supply chains of future"

In first look, there is not so much different between this crypto and the bigger, mentioned chains. Or i dont see it, because im not a professional in this area. They offer the common benefits, tracking the assets and goods, real time transparency and reducing cost. Pretty traditional value offer, but if you think about it the size of industry, we know something.
There is enough place for more company, and the competition is healthy for us, as customers.

15 viant.jpg

As we saw the explosion of ICOs in 2017, i think, we will see the fastest growing in shipping and logistic blockchain-solutions in the next few years, because it is so big business, with so much money. And we all, i mean, all people are connected with the shipping in one way or other.

EndChain - Complete logistical solution

Another competitor on the field, with some unique feature. They have an own patent of their process, where they use a special QR-code+BAR-code hybrid sign.

15 endchain.jpg

Users have to scan the code, and get all of the data about the product or package. The system can be integrated the regular internal systems of companies, and if you scan the code, you can update the information, what the code contains, and the update will happen on blockchain too. Less cost, less dificulty.
As you can see in the whitepaper, they are in the beginning of the work, the ICO also didnt started yet, but if they can make the product like the marketing write it, they can grow fast to the level of big guys, thanks to the simple user-friendly solutions.

Recycle to Coin

Not actually a supply chain or a logistic area, but the recycling it is the first in the "secondary-list of economy challenges", because the mass amount of waste-production of our society.
Actually i dont know, this project it is alive or not, but im pretty sure, it can be a paradigm-shifter with a good token-economic model.
What are we talking about? Big part of our waste is a recyclable waste, including plastic, metal and glas. In many country exist the official recycling policy, with works more or less success, but on the rest of the world... There is no recycling. And we talking about million, multimillion tons of raw materials, what poisoning the nature, instead of the reusing in economy. We, the customers have to pay the price of new materials, and until this price is not so high, we dont have real motivation to use recycling stuffs.

Video-explanation about the project:

Looks professional, but i feel a little "empty". Okay, i understand the point, but for the massive adoption, they need to make a much clear video about the system, especially the benefits to the average people.
We all make waste, and we all have recyclable part of it, what is literally money, and we just throw the money into the trash. So dont.

The screenshots and videos are from the official sites.

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My money is and always will be on VeChain, still I think VeChain might actually use some of these smaller supply chains to connect, like VeChain is the "hub" that gathers information from all these different blockchains, still, even if this doesn't happen, VeChain is my boy!

Nice post @kriptonik! Keep up the good work!


I know the feeling of holding VeChain :)
Next to this, i think, only one crypto in our pocket, its higher risk than the usual, need the diversification, i think.


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