Crypto-stuff detected #16 - Health care and medical projects

9개월 전

My series of articles, about crypto-related stuffs, what i find while discover the cryptoverse. If you are interested about crypto, you can enjoy my selection!

This article is more teaser, less review, if you are interested, you have to follow one of the most important rules in cryptoverse: do your own study! So, i write, what you can read there, what i can read there, what they say there, and you have to do your own investigation, and make your own decision, it's your responsibility!


The blockchain its a method for data storage. You can use it as currency (when you use it as ledger, who send what amount, for who), like the bitcoin, but you also can use it as storage, for example the most sensitive informations, like the medical records.
We all have medical records. And all of the data are stored in more, more or less secured place, and reachable for many people, without transparency at the most cases. You, as customer (or patient), literally dont know, who can see your data, and in reverse way, the researchers, doctors cant see so easy way, what are the correct medical informations, due the difficult system.

And here comes the medicalchain. Before we keep this, you can watch their promo-video, you can see, how it works:

You own your data with full controll, and anyone, who want to acces (hospitals, insurance companies, for example), they have to request permission. Your permission. You also can monetize the data, if you sell it to a researcher company.
Next to this, they have big plans in development, like the online consultation. I dont know, i think the personally meeting could be better, but i can imagine, in some cases the videochat also enough.


First, this project its in alpha phase, but the idea is very promising. Pharmaceutical research (and all biotech research) have the same problem worldwide: slow, expensive, and much-much legal issues, due the non-uniformized rules and laws between the countries. The IKU want to focus on the slow and expensive part, because this is the area, where the blockchain can help.


Right now they have an onepager, what contain some details about the project. Not much, but we can clear the main lines and features. Actually i dont see the huge hit, what they are mentioned, but i dont have much experience in medication or drug research. But if they can make this decentralized app, and it will works, the development of pharmacies will change. I hope, in the better direction.


Steem-based fitness/activities application, in some part similar like the Actifit, and in some part not. I dont want to write it so much, because the basic of this dapp is very simple: you can post your active adventures or sport, training trought them, and get paid.


If you write own training-related post, about your activity, you can share it on exhaust (and also all general steem frontend), and they distribute all the earnings via weekly basis. The project seems very early right now, but the community is growing.


Simple health data management, as you can read on the homepage, but it can solve many problems in medication.
Here, in this short video you can see, what is this all about:

The thing, what is the biggest feature in the project, they can integrate the existing data systems, so the users dont need to change the whole, familiar stuff, what is a big advantage, i think :) And as in the case of supply chain, this project is better for a providers, not the average people, but we all know, how much money are in the medical system, and if they can save just one percent, it will be good booth patients and members.


Another all-in-one solution. After this, we can really know, this industry is a huge, where will be a big competiton between blockchain projects in the future. The ultimate advantage of this innovation its the AI-based analytics software, the BluePatient, whats already works. How? Here its the explanation:

Superfast data-analysis and prediction, without human error. Sounds too good, but it seems, they offer, what are they promised. And on the homepage, you can read one of the rarest buzzword, what have despite this big effect: "less paperwork". I mean, we know, the blockchain provide less paperwork, and almost all of the official processes, there are too much paperwork, and still , how many projects you know, what offer less paperwork? Right? :)

The screenshots and videos are from the official homepages.

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Örülök, hogy tetszik :)
A steemhuntra nem teszem ki, mert hogy ez az összes onnan van :) Egy személyben esélytelen lenne a "kutatómunkát" elvégeznem, olyan ütemben növekszik a kriptovilág. Így a steemhunton vizsgálom végig a kriptós projekteket, mert ami oda felkerül, az nagy eséllyel nem csalás és nem halott projekt. Csak ezután ásom bele magam mélyebben, hogy mi miről is szól.

Naponta van tucatnyi vagy több tucatnyi új dolog a kriptóban, szerintem főállásban sem tudnék csak ezzel foglalkozni, egyszerűen több az új információ, mint amit egy ember el tud kezelni :)

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