Crypto-stuff detected #17 - Sport and esport on blockchain

9개월 전

My series of articles, about crypto-related stuffs, what i find while discover the cryptoverse. If you are interested about crypto, you can enjoy my selection!

This article is more teaser, less review, if you are interested, you have to follow one of the most important rules in cryptoverse: do your own study! So, i write, what you can read there, what i can read there, what they say there, and you have to do your own investigation, and make your own decision, it's your responsibility!


This dapp have a simple idea, you choose a "fantasy player", based on a real, existing player (NFL, soccer, etc.) IRL, and make a prediction about the temporary results. At the end of timeperiod, it will be compared your player's ranking and the real ranking, and after the succes, you get tokens and ethereum (eth-based dapp, if i forgot mention it).

What is the point of this? They want to build a hive-mind, because we know, in the psychology, the predictions of masses have too much matching on the future. The scientist in general making their researches in this topic since a while, and despite that, we dont have 100% sure results, there are enough success to keeping the work.

Okay, they will build an actually well working hivemind. Again, what is the point? Well, the point is the sportbetting. If you have tons of users, and all of them make a prediction for you, the result will be very, very close to the reality, and the company can make a real betting. And of course, anyone can make a betting, based on the tips of hivemind.

Unfortunately the dapp looks pretty quiet (dead), but i hope, its just the long crypto-winter, and at time, with the raising of prices, it will be resurrect, because the idea (and the possible advantages) its really cool.

Game Stars

Complete platfrom for gamers and gaming industry. Pretty strong start, its not? :) But true, they have made a working platform, where players, managers, advertisers and investors can find their place.

The gaming area, especially the esport its almost a billion usd market in 2018, after a tiny, 30%+ growing since 2017... Anyone think it, this inceasing will stop? I dont... I think, it worth to read their whitepaper about game star token, in the Introduction and Market research topics you can see some really fancy numbers.

So, we have a mass amount of players, and all of them would like to earn some money, next to the playing, of course. We have mass amount of professional managers and organizers, agents, and all of them would like to raise own esport superstars. And we have much more amounts of advertisers, and all of them want to sponsor the next superstars. And of course, there are many more investors, who want to earn their invest. And if we talk about invest, you have to think more, like stocks and stuffs like this.

You can invest into a cyberathlet, or a whole team, and you get share the money. This story its exactly that, what its too nice to be true. And still, it works. If they can reach just the half of the goals, it will be still huge hit.


I couldnt decide, this dapp need to be mention in the sport-related article, or the previously, the health-related one :) As you can see, i choose this, because the sport, the activity its a main fundament of it.

What are we talking about? Quote from the website: " Harnessing the true potential from the billions of data points generated everyday in the world of Sports and Health. " Yep, we all are a data-generator while we doing sports or any other activities, exercises. And the data is the new oil, have you heard about it? :) So we need a marketplace, sell our precious data, and here comes the BEAT.

Check this short video, there are more details:

The blockchain can verifying the data, so the buyers (doctors, researchers, fitness providers, etc) can be sure, they have exact numbers, without modified or fake results. You can track your progress, you will loose weight, you will looks nice, and you will eran money. Seems to me a win-win situation.


You can connect your game to the system, and when you win, you win also unikrn tokens, what you can spend for many things and stuffs. Sounds simple and effective? Right :)

While this sounds really simple, of course, there are much more like this idea. Making a player-ecosystem with news, community, events, monetization, etc, so all of the things, whats matters for a normal gamer. And the betting, of course, the flooding money in esport, as in the regular sports, the incentivization of gaming time, as they say, backed by correct legal rules.

In first look, this is a simple gaming-community with an own platform, but the homepage, the community are pretty active, what is a good sign in the current crypto-winter, its mean, not just the idea is good, but the team make their work well, and the project is growing.


This is an iOs app, where you can monetize your sports knowledge, as you can read it on the app store. Why it is in this list? Because in this app you can place free bets, you can win crypto, AND you can unlock your tokens for real money. If you use apple device, you can check it, how it works, maybe it worth :)

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