Passive income guide; passzív jövedelem oktatóanyag ENG/HUN

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Hey folks, its been a long time, yeah? I did not made any post since two months, and i have to say it, i think i wont so much, in the next two months too. I guess. I have big changes (good changes) in my life, so i cut my online time. I wont leave steemit, but i will less active. So i made the power down, and rebalanced my assets. When i will be back, may the steem be with me ;)

So... Lately, in an article i made the update in translation of @Kingscrown's ebook about passive crypto income, and of course, im just share it some hungarian sites and discord-servers (the article, not the ebook).
Hungary its not a big country, i think, we are not more as few thousand crypto-enthusiasts, but hey, if i and the author can deliver some new info, it worth it.

And we share the Boxmining interview with the hungarian readers, so if someone have no clue, who is Kingscrown, there is a detailed biography. Okay, not biography and not detaile, but nice amount of information about the author of ebook, with some interesting story from the early days of cryptoverse.

You can show some love on twitter and facebook, thanks :)


Halihó! Jó rég jártam erre :) Gondolom angolul már úgyis elolvastátok, szóval nem ragoznám túl, majd valamikor jövök vissza :D

Időközben frissítettük a kriptós passzív jövedelmes oktatófüzetet, az alábbi linken van egy cikk róla, le is tudjátok tölteni ingyen, ugyanitt van egy interjú is a szerzővel, szintén magyarul, jó olvasgatást :)

Ha gondoljátok, twitteren, fészin is oszthatjátok :)

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Never mind, bot, red is good for me :D :D