Why April 17th Could Be Significant For Bitcoin

4년 전

This is a pretty obvious reason, but I didn't even know about the deadline until recently. During April 17th-May14th, it will be interesting to see how things pan out. If you enjoy this video, make sure to subscribe and leave a comment telling me the best crypto to invest in and you could win $50 on Monday :)


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Not sure how tax day could have a positive impact on crypto, other than people who use their returns to invest. When the tax man starts knocking on doors for their share of the gains plus penalties more will wind up being sold. After that conference yes (publicity, knowledge, legitimacy) all things that bring investment or divestment, whether positive or negative.

Like your take on quality over quantity, hate so many fluff and filler videos. Not a suggestion, however I'm partial to OMG here in Thailand. We will see where it goes.

As for tax deductions if you attend the event for improving or maintaining your business it would qualify as a deduction for your business at least against any income the business receives. Be sure to blog/Vlog while you are there.