FREE Forex & Crypto Trading Course! (Facebook )

4년 전

It is finally here, your FREE forex & cryptocurrency course... I have decided to make a short little course for people on Facebook covering things you'll need to know before becoming a trader or investor and some tips and tricks I've learned through my 2 years of trading! 

This course is absolutely FREE to everyone and anyone is free to access it as you wish, the link to the group will be down below. But, if you've ever heard of trading, forex, cryptos and anything of the like and have always wanted to learn more I urge you to take a look into the group and see how much you'll learn from the resources. Regardless of your level of knowledge on this even if you're a beginner or guru this course and community is meant for everyone :) 

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding this but I'll see you guys there and am super exited to see how this community grows! P.S. You can find the group on Facebook as "Alpas FX - Forex and Crypto Currency Trading" 

Facebook Group Link: 

Any comments and upvotes would greatly be appreciated, I put a ton of time into this and wanted to make it available for everyone :) 

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