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Apollonia is an innovative medical system powered by blockchain technology, which includes electronic health records, telemedicine, medical tourism, tranquilize trade, indemnification policies, and the development of open markets to trade medical information. Patients, medicos and centers, indemnification companies and pharmacies, online pharmacies, researchers and licit practitioners are the core audience of this project.

Developed ecosystem

a. as per the requisites of HIPAA, GDPR, PIPA, from one side.

b. as a storage of medical information decentrally using Blockchain technology in countries without categorical regulations for storing medical information.


Utama The principle elements of the ecosystem Apollonia is an Emporium that provides interaction between patients, medicos, centers, indemnification companies, pharmaceutical companies, online pharmacies, etc.

Pribadi Personal Dashboard (EMR, CRM etc.) For each category of ecosystem members. For example, medicos get access to the EMR system where they are able to manage their business and patients as indicated by their professional needs.

Apollonia Healthcare Coin (Apollo) Oll ,provides a chance to pay for ecosystem housing, counsel medicos, purchase medicines, get prizes, and that's just the beginning.


Information management

Part medical information in different systems is applied by providing medical specialists and patients with integrated EMR/CRM systems. It will withal be possible to engender an open market of medical information.

Information security and information authenticity. (Misrepresentation cases).

Hacking personal medical information that causes yearly damage, will be reduced by decentralized information storage or storage developed as per the requisites of HIPAA, GDPR, PIPA etc. Such arrangements will definitely reduce the number of misrepresentation cases.

General health quandaries

Storing medical information in one place sanctions medicos and centers to make more precise diagnoses and ideal care. This will definitely reduce the number of medical errors caused by incomplete data about the patient's medical history.

Solace of medical facilities

The exchange acquiescent will be controlled by perspicacious contracts that can't be edited.

Extravagant and time-expending medical treatments that are time-devouring are resolved by developing platforms for medical tourism and facile-to-use online conferences and chatbots.


The point of this project is to develop the Apollonia medical ecosystem and as a consequence to amend the nature of medical facilities.

This will be achieved by:

• Convenient medical information management from one safe area

• rampart of personal information

• ascertain safe interaction between all industry members that will increment the caliber of solace and chargeback.

The project's point is to regulate the conditions for ameliorating and streamlining medical lodging by:

• engender a single platform to optimize internal processes in sundry fields

medical activities and comfortable correspondence with patients

• engendering computerized space that will ecumenically develop medical tourism

• includes requests for medication housing on an ecumenical scale

• provide opportunities for indemnification companies, medicines and medical item suppliers, research centers, pharmaceutical companies and lawyers to interact liberatingly with facilities, medicos and patients in the health care lodging market.


• Positive influence on the amplification of the average health level of everyone's insights.

• Provide conditions that are tailored to subsisting health care needs from customers/suppliers of health items and facilities.

• Conceptions automate and improve all processes of patient interaction with

medicos, facilities and other medical convenience providers are proven for every potential

system utilizer


Apollonia Healthcare Coin - APOLLO

The project's internal currency is designed to improve payments for facilities and items between ecosystem users, fundamentally reduce ecosystem convenience expenses and exchange costs, and provide opportunities for members to pick up on account of the implementation of certain activities on the platform.

Marketing strategy

The primary objective of marketing is to prosperously promote facilities between markets and to maximize benefits, while a variety of implements can be acclimated to achieve them. Consequently, a precise definition of marketing objectives will enable companies to achieve prosperity more expeditious and with lower money related expenses.

The accompanying primary marketing objectives can be distinguished:

The market objective is to get a foremost market share. To achieve the objective, you require to learn the most prosperous competitors and develop strategies to enter the market.

The indicate of marketing is to engender a remuneratively lucrative corporate image, to orchestrate and legitimize the amplification of sales volume, to develop a staunchness system for visitors and the accomodation of site use (conceivably to develop cellular applications), to monitor efficacy and perpetuate to amend the system of reward/inspiration of members in the system to become a conventional customer/partner.

Overseeing objectives is to amend internal infrastructure, namely: competent management, high employee capabilities, the latest technology, etc.

Target marketing will fixate on:

• Profit is the primary business objective

• Win market share

• Achieve the most efficacious betokens of correspondence and marketing with the target audience.


This system coalesces several different models in its internet business strategy:

The Intermediary Model, Transaction Broker, is a type of model when the system assembles sellers (for example, suppliers of medications) and buyers (for example, patients or medicos), providing outsider payment mechanisms between buyers and sellers. Concurrently, the conventional brokerage fee is included in the payment fee or in the commission for each exchange made; Payment rules may change.

Network Model. This model is utilized as a system that will represent communities whose members are amalgamated by prevalent fascinates (a process of providing medical housing). The cyber world was genuinely engendered for network business models and today is one of the most developed directions. The revenue model can be predicated on adscititious item and settlement sales, willful gifts, contextual advertising or paid convenience membership.

Ad models as personalized entryways are utilized because the system includes search engines where different content and housing are connected, endorsing each to adjust the interface and content for each utilizer. A sizably voluminous number of visitors make remuneratively lucrative advertisements and authorize further site development.

Data model in metamediary frame. Providing comprehensive data and supplemental housing, the system will facilitate transactions between sellers and buyers.

The date of sale of the initial token (ICO) is 15.11.2018


Name of Token: Apollonia Healthcare
Token Code: APOLLO
Total Supply: 2 500 000 000 APOLLO
APOLLO Token Price: 1 APOLLO = 0.03 USD
Our investor dashboards that accept major crypto currencies (BTC, ETH, BCC, EOS, ONT etc.)

Apollonia is a platform that is going to change everything, Apollonia is going to revolutionalize our entire medical ecosystem in a way never envisaged. If there are deficiencies in expounding this article, that will not be quandary as I have prepared a link for you to get detail information and of course You will be able to verbalize directly to the project team. Join now before its too late. Thank you and have a great week ahead.

Visit the links below for more information:
Website: https://apollonia.io/
Whitepaper: https://apollonia.io/doc/whitePaper.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/realapollonia
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ApolloniaHealthcare/
Telegram: https://t.me/ApolloniaOfficial

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