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Muzika holds the promise of the future where compensation for music creation is comparable to the effort and dedication put into the creative process. Music is first digitized in MP3 shape, the sound file arrange is typically compressed to just 3 to 4 megabytes per song on average. This innovation was provided by all other previous media from music, for example, CDs and cassettes, obsolete and changing industries through enabling computerized appropriation. This has positive and negative effects for musicians. From one viewpoint, they are presently able to release and distribute new music around the globe freely. Then again, pervasive copyright theft leads to a consequent decline in music sales, and exorbitant commission distributors, combined to reduce musicians' personal gain.

Muzika is a progressive coin economy that will reshape the worldwide advanced track industry. From a number of sides, Muzika revolutionized the track enterprise by utilizing building an unprejudiced and proper computerized music ecosystem that will:

  1. Eliminating pointless intermediaries,

  2. Empower musicians and consumers,

  3. Decentralize the electricity of circulation, and

  4. Restoring the monetary solidness of conveyance among market members.

Muzika holds the promise of the future where compensation for music creation is corresponding to the effort and dedication put into the innovative process.

Over the previous two decades, the tune business has long past through two central paradigm changes: one from 'tangible collections' to 'intangible files', and one from download to streaming.

The former made song is greater available and widespread, and the latter increases the stage of income into the business. However, phase of the strengthened benefits obtained by method for these musicians has decreased.

Distributors and publishers revel in immoderate and durable returns for one-time and unsophisticated undertakings. The problem of advanced copyright theft remains unresolved. Fans hope to see their loved musicians cheerful, however don't have a situation to fill different than ingesting computerized song packaged through distributors and publishers.


Muzika is getting ready to reverse the sad actuality of the advanced music market today. From A to Z, we will alternate the computerized tune enterprise and redefine the role of market players involved, which include consumers and musicians. The Muzika Coin (MZK) will serve as the main medium for all transactions and exchanges needed in new ecosystems, triggering a paradigm move in computerized song industry.

From the a variety of troubles and arrangements provided by method for Muzima, I courageously invite you with this breakthrough project.

I am sure, that I, you and we all will sense the benefits in the back of the advancement and greatness that Muzika has applied in the change of the computerized track world.


Brilliant contract will enable advanced musical items to be transferred directly from specialists to fans, ensuring fairer and more transparent economic dispersion.

Fans will be rewarded with reliability focuses for their different network activities, which will be regularly converted into MZK coins - the sole medium of exchange for every economic movement in the ecosystem.

Fans will have opportunities to make direct sponsorship to their favorite specialists, supporting them and receiving exclusive benefits in return.

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