Altcoin Fantasy: An easy way to learn cryptocurrency trading


There's a certain hack to mastery and productivity and that's gamifying anything. You want a good mastery of a particular thing or subject, play with it like a game. This small but profound hack goes a really long way in shooting anyone to mastery.

It is on this premise that i want to introduce this really cool crypto game. Funny that all my years in crypto i've not mooted that idea of having fun with crypto through a game.


Altcoin fantasy is so easy to play and i must say, there is no real difference in the learning you will get in the game and the real world practice. Just like you are interfacing with the demo account of a real exchange.

How to play

Firstly, download from playstore
Sign up through any of facebook, google or email signing
Start trading



I'm left with fantasy $500 after spending 50% of my portfolio on a single coin. Which i think is not really a good strategy. As this saw me jump backward on the leaderboard



You can search for any coin in here and learn as much as possible before investing your fantasy $1000



Yes, In the trading phase of the game, you will be given a fantasy $1000 and you are at liberty to do anything you want with it through the resources available in the game to learn about the coins you are investing in. You can read comprehensive news and also plot graphs as well.

Improve your strategy by checking your position on the leaderboard, that way you get to know which coin to invest in and what strategy is good.

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I will give 5 star rating to the app. It has all one needs to master trading at no cost