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Hahah now I have no idea what to do? Lol I will just do nothing for now.

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When people suddenly become interested in crypto it's usually when the market has been bullish for a while. You then meet two advisors.
I think there are two kinds of people I personally see:

1: Cryptofans
2: Experts

Cryptofans: worship their HODL god, their mantra is buy and hold. they never sell, if they sell they never tell you .. they are dangerous in a speculative bubble and they are quite when their dreams are shattered. That's why you sell when they say Buy!

Experts: they tell you what they see, but you only hear them when you're in a bullish bubble, you only hear them say sell and you call them dishonest. Because when prices go down and they say BUY no one is there to listen no one is interested in crypto when it's bearish. That's why you sell when you hear them say Sell!

And that's why you buy when you hear no noise!


First of all, thank you for explanation. Much appreciated. I guess the time is to buy now and see what happens. 👌👌

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