[dtube] How Bitcoin Could Reach $100,000 FAST

4년 전

What are the most important factors when it comes to increasing the value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? What would it take for the price to reach $100,000?

In my opinion, it doesn't take much. We just need the very richest in the world to shift a portion of their wealth into crypto.

That's what I discuss in this video.

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT financial advice. I am just offering my opinions. I am not responsible for any investment decisions that you choose to make.

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I agree with you on bitcoin’s adaption. If you just look at Apple as a company, it’s only matter of time when it reaches $1 trillion market cap. Just the cash they have on side can buy entire crypto market with some cash still left. But that’s just hypothetical thought. At the end definitely institutional investors are lagging. At some point there might be some already involved including many “billionaires”, but it’s obviously still not enough. Remember crypto market is still at its beginnings. The best way is to compare it to internet and dot com bubble. Institutional investors are still nervous and afraid to invest in crypto. As you mentioned, crypto market needs some kind on regularities to assure institutional investors about its safe and mostly profitable ways. They don’t think like most of us do “I invest only what I can afford to loose”, they can’t afford to loose a dime. Anyway, once bitcoin and overall crypto adopts (and I mean in every single way including friendly user), institutional investors will eventually start investing in cryptocurency. One more thing when it comes to bitcoin, as long a bitcoin remains main trading currency for exchanges, it will always be the leader. At the end there is still sooo much to talk about bitcoin’s adaption, about institutions, bitcoin futures, ETF’s... that you would literally be able to write a book about it.

I love Andreas but I disagree with him on this. The 3rd world nations are not going to be the ones who push BTC up. There is one simply reason for this...

BTC is a currency token...that is the problem for people in 3rd world nations...they have no currency, USD, Euro, BTC. How are they going to get BTC if they have no money and very little commerce.

Wall Street is what is going to send BTC up. The institutions are coming and they will go long BTC. That is the digital gold they like since it has the name and the liquidity.

That is why I love STEEM and Manna. The humanitarian side of things tells me cryptocurrency is the answer for the unbanked but it isnt BTC. It is a token they can acquire.

STEEM is earned...Manna is given out freely as a basic income....that will provide those people with a means of getting tokens without having fiat.


Well, Andreas did talk about families using BTC instead of fiat from the west to 3rd world for better transactionrates!

But he, Steem could do the same for sure!


Wonderful perspective! I know somebody on here from Venezuela who is making a living thanks to Steemit, so in that sense you're absolutely right


I follow the plight of a lot from Nigeria and Indonesia.

They are in the same boat...making their living from STEEM. A few STEEM really goes a long way in those countries.

If that top cream of 1 percent open their war chest for the crypto then anything is possible. But as you say it is not just a question of investment but in reality these investors need a reason to come here and invest.

Speculative profiteering can only take us so far. We need real world use cases where the crypto itself becomes a base asset in fulling a demand of a free market economy. Once that role is established by a coin it survival is practically guaranteed. After that a million dollar bitcoin actually won't sound all that far off.

I agree with you on everything you said in your video. If only 1% of smart money got on board of bitcoin, it would trigger a flood of everyone else. But first for this to happen we need some kind of regulations. Institutions need to know they don’t get robbed. Actualy that’s what they do, they are professionals at “how to rob retail investor”.
Sooner or later that’s what eventually will happen, smart money will flood crypto market.
BTW: nice view!

I'm very skeptical of Bitcoin reaching $100,000, but one way it could happen is if the US defaults on its debts, causing the dollar to crash and hyper inflation. Right now, I'd just be happy to see Bitcoin above 10,000.

In my opinion, it doesn't take much. We just need the very richest in the world to shift a portion of their wealth into crypto.

Really cool and brilliant opinion, I strongly agree with you on this.
That is the solution and the fastest way to rise in price of bitcoin and crypto like steem. I believe once the father of crypto is evolving, it will surely has an effect on the other crypto. Getting more stakeholder that are very rich to invest in bitcoin will go along way in boasting the price. Though we can also make a contribution since I believe no amount is too small to be invested. A drop of water could make an ocean.

Convincing them remains the hard part, but yeah, it's a huge possibility

good information thanks but market up time

Good information thanks

Whatever you said in this blog i agree with that very well,,
But i think the bitcoin will not reach to this mentioned value untill the top buissnessmen in this workd will invest some part of their money in the crypto money market then i guarantee bitcoin will reach to the high level of its rise..
Thanks for sharing
Any mistakes sorry

Never lose faith...🙌

Thank you, good job. I like this video.