Follow me,check the EOS mainnet lanunch status.

4년 전


Right now,EOS mainnet in safety tests progress, you can through two ways to view the test network status,The view includes launch status, production block information,account information, etc.

1. Click Here

2. Clicl Here

Please wait patiently. The EOS mainnet is being started. Please do not import your EOS private key anywhere.


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Luca Croce@Italy Graduated from University of Bologna
IT engineer,Block chain technician

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Thank you, this is what I was feeling but couldn't put it into words. Steem isn't perfect but I think the model is good, that is how I also became interested in EOS.

well,I input my EOS public key,its right,thanks luca.


good news,you cant lost you coin,hahaha

aha,I input a error wallet address,the blockchain explorer cant display,its right.


input you ETH addresss that you store the EOS token.

thanks luca,we need newest news like this.


sure,everyone need news,we will working hard.

wow,EOS lanunch team is working hard,EOS will change the world I believe them.


People who work hard should be rewarded


Perseverance is victory

wow,tonight EOS will coming..just wait..

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Robots are always everywhere,ahahahah

how about mainnet right now?


launch normal and a deal can be made soon

thanks luca,we just wait EOS mainnet


just wait,wait wait...and EOS drop,hahahaha


aha,EOS was coming,everyone you are richman.

come on ,EOS!

aha,EOS was coming,everyone you are richman.


rich and rich,Because we work harder than others

OK,I will chenk the link,thansk.

Ciao Luca!
Grazie per il link... non lo conoscevo. Io sto seguendo il tutto su EOSCOUNTDOWN.
Un salutone plasticoso dalla Svizzera
Steemitri The Mannequin (@steemitri) e Lucas (@luc.real)

congratulation everyone,EOS will change the world.


change change,rich rich,we're happy to see that

but the EOS price was drop,why?

wow,EOS price was drop today,I think it was because ETH and BTC drop.

yes,itis old post right now,EOS mainnet in voting step.

Try your best, I just want to wait quietly

EOS mainnet launch is coming,and right now vote for up

old post,mainnet will up after a week

thanks luca,EOS launch tonight.


yes,it is a milestone.

EOS is coming,mainnet launch successful!


congratulations everyone,its our victory

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Once again, thanks for your support!


I think people who work hard should be rewarded, which is my I will stand by you as a witness.come on!

good news,we are EOSer,hahahaha


EOSer is all sensible people. :)

hi luca,If I become rich, I will be grateful to you. :)

wow,eos is coming,welcome,haha