2x Good Coinbase News, Minds Token, MetaMask Malware, EOS888

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On today’s episode of The Cryptoverse I would like to talk to you about Bitcoin price cycles, Metamask being mal-ware, a new social media token and 2 good news stories from Coinbase.
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Crypto Cycles Episode:

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Powerful technical analysis there. Absolutely resonating indeed. And for he that can connect the knots, that technical analysis is in perfect harmony with the philosophical.

I am aint a crypto trader, yet I find this analysis useful and very relevant.

Bitcoin has come to stay.


I doubt you understand the complex tooling of the machinery it takes to make a great hot dog.

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May be you can school me a bit.

Coinbase continues to accelerate its leadership in the space despite the recent declines in volumes and prices. The infrastructure being created is one that will enable improved adoption when interest for actual use comes around rather than speculation of these asset prices.


Totally agree. Good points.


Yes it amazing what can be done when you have $2B flow through your fingers!

Hi Chris. I tried to do a GBP deposit on Coinbase myself today and was disappointed to find that it is not possible. I emailed Coinbase support and much to my surprise they responded really quickly. They stated..

"We will start enabling GBP deposits/withdrawals progressively to all customers over the coming weeks. We expect all customers to have access by September 2018.

Please be assured that we are working hard to to ensure this new system is thoroughly tested before we launch. You’ll be notified as soon as it is available for your account."

So there you have it, all being well it should be good to go sometime in the next three weeks.


I logged in just now and the feature has been activated on my account at long last.


Chris I'm curious as to the commission rate UK users are offered by Coinbase. For Australian users I find the fee for crypto purchases is high.


The fees are high. Currently buying £5000 of bitcoin would cost £199.50 in fees. It's better to transfer the funds to Coinbase pro and buy from there.


Confirming why I have no understanding of the spruiking Coinbase gets and can only assume it is simply affiliate income driven promotion.

Pick any decent fiat capable local exchange where deposits are free and trades are less than 1%. 0.75% where I trade at btcmarkets.

Can't seem to see where you talked about Metamask being a malware though.

Was that an omission on my side?


No it's in there :)

metamask is not malware you install it purpose and the stuff it inject is web3 JavaScript so the browser can connect to the etherium blockchain and the web page can talk to metamask.