Ledger Nano S How To Install All 18 Apps At Once

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Without a doubt the number 1 most frustrating thing about the Ledger Nano S hardware wallet is the fact that you can only have a handful of the coins apps installed at any one time.

Well not anymore, today we have a solution to that exact problem.
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So I called this video how to install all 18 apps on your Ledger and the short answer to that is to install the new firmware that Ledger have just released.

Due to code refactoring, where you rewrite code so that it is more concise and takes up less storage space, we can now install many more apps without changing the amount of storage space on the device.

Some of the Ledger apps are bigger than others so in certain cases you may only get a maximum of 16 or 17 apps on there.

That is still a huge improvement over the 5 apps it would hold before.

I think this is excellent because before it just asked you for a few words from your recovery phrase at random, which still left room for error.

This update also fixes some security issues…
So while there is no mad panic, you need to update the firmware as soon as possible by following these steps…



Now due to so many people attempting to update at the same time, it put Ledgers servers under a lot of load and that meant users who were trying to send and receive transactions found their experience significantly degraded.

Remember that it was only early this year when Ledger celebrated the shipping of 1 million hardware wallets so they are all lurking out there waiting to update themselves at some point.

So if you can wait a few days, do so. The crypto on your hardware wallet is safe in the meantime.

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I would bet that half of those ledger wallets sold (500,000) were because people could only load 5 apps at a time. Now customers would need only 1 wallet instead of two or three. I’m guessing wholesale is around $70 X 500,000 units no longer needed = $35,000,000. I predict sales of wallets dropping. Overinflated price drop as well.


That is an interesting point. I had not considered that people would buy 2 Ledgers for this reason.


I know several people with more than one ledger for this reason including myself.

They say on the page: "To ensure that the user has correctly backed up 24 words, all of them must be confirmed during the onboarding."

Isn't this a huge red flag? I should never give my 24 words mnemonic seed online, right? If my computer is hacked and I insert the seed online, the hacker has access to all of my funds...

What do you think about this? Please, give your opinion..


It is the device that will ask you to re-enter the 24 words, you do not do this online.


Alright, that makes more sense. Thank you for your answer and for the post.

Note that the update procedure this time is more complex than in the past. Unfortunately, the Ledger Manager app doesn't prompt you to handle all cases, so you might need to follow the more detailed instructions at the official site. I tried 3 times over the last several days before finally succeeding.


I had the same problem. It's a pain to install this firmware update.

i sure will check your dtube channel out and subscribe,,i hope to learn more as well

Thank you for sharing with us about informative Discussion.

18 apps at once, I think it has a memory issue.