Why I Voted For These EOS Block Producers - Part 2-2

2년 전

In this video I share with you the second set of 15 block producers that I have voted for. Check out the launch offer for my new course The Master Cryptocurrency Trader at: https://www.cryptoversity.com/courses/the-master-cryptocurrency-trader/

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Supporting countries that needs to solve for badly managed central banks and thise that are unbanked serve the greater purpose and potential of blockchain technology. If participants are able to deliver successfully there, adoption will come without a doubt.

Nice one Chris. Your “Where do they keep their arms” joke gave my phone a coffee shower this morning lol.
I have always struggled to let TA guide my trading decisions in crypto. It is just too fast paced and I feel there is such a vast amount of “immature” traders attached to crypto that emotion and illogical BS takes over and is the anti matter of any TA performed.
As for verge...... you get what you pay for in this life.


What the heck

"Nice one Chris. Your “Where do they keep their arms” joke gave my phone a coffee shower this morning lol."

was not mentioned in this video​, that was a few weeks​ back and was​ mine line word for word.

Odd much?


The account seems real. Very strange! I remember laughing at your post :)


They do say that imitation is highest form of flattery shrug

Good stuff sir. You mentioned that it takes 3 days to​ un-stake​, well those using the greymass (or any unstaking function) wallet might get a scare when they do it. Nothing bad just FYI, I have posted about my experience here and I hope it helps calm some nerves


Not trying to shill or steal the limelight​, just too much to type​ here

Are we rewarded by staking our EOS coins?

Thank you for this Chris. The physical tower in Asia is interesting.

Thank you for your support!
Greetings from #EOSVenezuela

Thank you Chris. As always some well considered research. For those voters who are interested to see how BPs are actually performing as block producers, we have build a monitor (https://jungle.eosmonitor.dutcheos.io) which tracks the up-time of the BPs. We are doing this on Jungle testnet as all BPs get to produce blocks there. For those interested we also track the up-time of top-30 BPs and DutchEOS on mainnet (https://eosmonitor.dutcheos.io).