EOS Mini Series - Part 5 - What Gives The EOS Token Value?

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This is part 5 of a mini series I shot with Kyle from The Awakenment YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCphVYR2CHULYHf59ZSQMEag
Free Transactions And The Benefits Of Delegated Proof Of Stake

In this mini series we talk about the EOS cryptocurrency, blockchain and smart contract platform created by Dan Larimer and Block.one to be 'the Ethereum killer'.

If you don't know what that coin is doing in the top left corner of the video visit this link to find out: https://steemit.com/eos/@marketingmonk/a-sneak-peek-of-the-awakenment-of-the-cryptoverse-an-old-english-shilling-of-eos

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Good questions lead to more questions. Is it only the BP who will provide storage or can everybody provide storage? (as it is said in the video that storage will be decentralised). If we or non top BP's are providing storage, what would be the reward against that?

And one more, a dApp DEV invests, puts his app out, how will he get something out of it (rewarded)?

I am clearly missing something... :-)

Thanks for providing these series though, beautiful!


EOSIO Storage will only be provided by the block producers.
Regarding your other question, like centralised apps, they are responsible for coming up with a way to make money from their app. EOS is just providing a decentralised platform to build it on.

I really enjoy these videos. Are you going to do a mini series on other assets? Thanks Chris, take care!!!!


Don't tell anyone but I'm talking to a uber mining expert about doing a mini series on GPU Mining.

Yes, EOS will become junior master after Bitcoin and in my opinion the growth of EOS is really Bullish and it will going to dominate soon, but i am specially waiting for the SMT's because that will boost Steemit Platform and then in my opinion the moon will definitely achievable for Steem. Thanks for sharing and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

  ·  2년 전

EOS will occupy the first range within 24 months. If I'm wrong, I owe you a beer!
Have a nice day, Thierry


Ha ha, i wish that to happen and if it happens you can enjoy that beer because i don't drink. Thanks for your thoughts man. 🙂


my boss please give me 1 upvote my boss my brother please please please please


There is a token standard being developed for EOS. If Steem doesn't launch SMT soon, EOS will beat them to it!


That is for sure, and before in my opinion Appics project was waiting for the SMT's but unfortunately they moved to Etherium Blockchain due to delay of SMT's and now it's really important to launch the SMT's as soon as possible to take the initial opportunities and to create strong base in the market because in future competition is really tough out there.

Thanks for the videos,
Wish I had even more EOS, what do you think is a good price point to buy it at? I got a couple more under 5$ so it seems like a shame to buy it for anything more than that. Boxmining (who always upvotes your posts and I assume gets lots of info about EOS from you) said at about 8$ USD he wasn't prepared to buy in and of course as of right now it is over 13$ USD. I think anything under 10$USD is a good time to get in.

Your thoughts?

The more and more I learn about EOS the better it sounds, I like the mini series you got going on here. Thanks!


It's a tough call. When priced in Bitcoin EOS is at all time highs. The only thing I could suggest is look for a pullback as a potential buying opportunity.


brother your all post awesome amazing

Great fundamental take on EOS. Resteemed

Really interesting take on EOS as startup capital but my concern is what percentage of EOS will be actually held for speculation and whether that could impact the actual network effect of what they want to achieve. Its like Bitcoin currently not really be used to pay for things but instead be held for speculation, adoption will be delayed.

  ·  2년 전

Hello again. A few days ago I asked you about my concerns about registering EOS by June 1. You said Exodus wallet which I have and Binance will register the EOS for a person. My question is which one do you recommend. Exodus is at this point does not know when one can claim them and you must enter your 12 word Seed to reclaim them. Binance d oes it automatically. (I think) Right now my EOS are in Kraken and I’m wondering which one of the two I should send them to you. One is an exchange and one is a wallet. Exodus is very expensive to move Them back to Kraken. Also there may be capital gains implications when you move from exchange to exchange and from wallet to exchange but not exchange to wallet (or something like that)
Thanks...this is not a financial advice but a procedural question.

so you currency news I like it a lot. Thank you so much for posting it.