My Motivational Message To The Crypto Community During The Bear Market

2년 전

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Tony Robbins is famously quoted as saying:
“Success in anything is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics.”

When nothing is happening in the market, that’s your opportunity.
Take that as an invitation to take a break from crypto confident that you’re not going to miss anything.

Invest the time in developing your mindset because that is ultimately what separates the people that win from the people that lose.

Do world class sports teams only practice when they are winning?
Of course not. They practice consistently, and that is the philosophy I believe we need to adopt to succeed at anything.

Remember that the big money is made when you buy, not when you sell.
That’s because buying high and selling higher is not very profitable.

But buying low, that’s thing that makes the most difference.

You know recently I uploaded 3 videos from the Las Vegas meetup when I rented a Lambo and took some of my subscribers for a ride.

My mindset was that the market was down, people were getting despondent so what they need right now is some inspiration, and what’s more inspiring than changing the world with cryptocurrencies and at the same time being so well rewarded that you could buy a Lamborghini, or whatever you want of equivalent value.

My mindset was that during winter, focus on what it’s going to be live when summer returns, which is inevitably does, every, single year.

But what was the response to these videos? Some positive, and quite a big of negative.

The negatives were along the lines of “People don’t want to see this content in a down market.”

My response to that is it says more about them than it does about me. It betrays their negative mindset.

Do you think somehow my crypto portfolio has been immune to this bear market? Of course not, but focusing on that would just make me feel bad and probably result in me coming to the conclusion that I needed to sell.

Instead I decided to focus on what I wanted rather than what I didn’t want.

I want to bet money on the projects that are going to have a profoundly positive impact on the world, because it’s those projects that will grow and provide the financial returns.

So this whole notion of changing the world vs becoming wealthy cannot be separated.

Yes coins boom in price because of pure speculation, but in the long run, the solid projects that have the most profoundly positive impact on the world are the ones that will grow and maintain their coin price.

By supporting those good causes, you make money by default, so the two are inseparable.

This message is mainly aimed at the crypto investing community, however I have to say something about my fellow crypto content creators.

I was mortified to see certain content creators stop creating during this down market. I honestly could not believe it.

I’m not going to name anyone because there are many possible explanations for any individuals absence but for others is obvious why they have stopped.

I believe in the UK football scene they call it being ‘a glory supporter’ which is where you don’t really stand for anything, you don’t really have any loyalty, you either support whichever team is on top, or you only care about your team when they are winning.

Again, I’m hot on my numbers so I know that there’s a huge drop in the rate at which crypto content is being consumed. It’s almost followed the drop in price exactly.

But for content creators to quit because of that, what does that say about them? And what does that communicate to their followers?

I was creating content for a year before I made any money from it, and now the money has dropped out of it again, what have I done?

I’ve re-doubled by efforts. I’ve doubled the amount of time I spend on each video, adding effects, cutting it down to the shortest time possible, all the while continuing to look after the students in my online school.

We are the people that our followers look up to. They look to us for information yes but I believe they also come to us for support, for lifting their spirits, for making them laugh if we can.

But to abandon them during the darkest hour we’ve seen in a long time? Very disappointing.

And what about the newcomers?
What about the people who discover crypto during this time?
The people who are looking for the leaders? To teach them how significantly crypto is going to impact the world?

To teach them now, WHY the prices are going to take off, BEFORE the prices take off.

Not to narrate the bull market when we hit the next bull run.
Now is when it matters the most. That’s what I believe.

I believe we all need to hold ourselves to a higher standard, and that (as many of your have noticed) is why I’m so hard on myself.

So I invite everyone that hears this message, to recommit yourself to the goal you set when you got into crypto.

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I wouldnt be harsh on cryptotubers taking break. CryptoDaily has been shitting out videos every day. I think its good for his own psychology to take break, go on holiday and chill a bit. Im 100% sure he will be back :)

This is a stellar message Chris, it is sorely needed right now by a lot of people for lots of reasons. I believe in the fundamentals of crypto, so I honestly do not worry much about the coin prices. VALUE of a coin does not = PRICE.

I am in this to see the globalists go down and see humanity bettered, period. Re the YT creators dropping off during hard times.... I noticed but I just keep educating myself daily in the same amounts as ever, knowing I can always learrn... I honestly figured that YT was dropping people off my feed so good to know not just me seeing less videos LOL. Great work man!

Thanks for the inspiration and insight. Now is a great time to invest in oneself to be abke to better assess the projects that will prove best in the long term. Whichever they are, they are sure to be a great prices now and in the new future. I believe that those that have left the market, were the ones looking to make money quickly and unfortunately it is never that simple. Thanks for your consistent content as it has brought me to really participate in the community more than I would have imagine when I started 2 years ago.

I was quite disappointed also when I saw the drop in content creation on here. Fairweather supporters is another expression for them.

I remember last time they all fled. When the price started rising and they came flooding back with tales of much needed time out and all sorts of nonsense. Meh, anyway. Great positive message here!

Chris I will admit I was surprised today to hear you were part of the Millenial generation. I say this as you.appear to be a very well grounded type who is somewhat younger than my genX 44 years!
This recent downturn has allowed me to consolidate and buy back in a little when I briefly felt I had missed the boat.
Thanks for your exceptional content. I'm hoping to join your patrons when I can afford the time to make the subscription worthwhile. I hope this is soon :)

Very Useful Information thanks to inform us :):)

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I've been talking about crypto more now than I was when the price was high. At 20K BTC, I was fearful of what people would be buying into. Now I can encourage them to get involved at a time when the greatest potential lies ahead of them.